Will I have an editor? Yes. Every writer is assigned an editor to help them with every article and provide feedback to help them improve their craft.

How can I communicate with my editor? CHW uses Slack, a communication app also available on desktop, where writers can communicate with their editor as well as other writers on our team. This is where editors provide feedback to their writers on every article.

What if I want to be a writer and an editor? Fill out a short application at http://coffeehousewriters.com/apply/ and let us know you’re interested in a writer and editor position. Once we receive your information, one of our team’s recruiters will contact you by email and/or phone to discuss if this would be a good fit for you. Many times, people will be accepted to our team as writers and promoted to editors after navigating the platforms effectively. Our editors work within our team and will never be assigned more than 10 writers to edit, unless they are comfortable with this. Our editors are expected to submit 2 articles every month.

What schedule can I submit on? We like giving our writers options, such as their submission schedule, which platform they would like to publish on and if they want to join the poetry division. Our writers can choose to write on a weekly or biweekly schedule.

What other publications can I write on with your team? Coffee House Writers Publication is our home platform which we own, but our team also writes under Medium.

What are the differences in the platforms? Coffee House Writers is our main publication – we are registered and licensed as an online publishing business under the state of New Jersey as of December 1, 2017. Coffee House Writers and Medium have a word requirement of at least 300 words and we will never censor your work. Editors may request trigger warnings and/or resources for help in sensitive articles, and a Team Captain may make these mandatory depending on the content.

Can I write on the team if I am under 18? At this time, we are only accepting writers who are 18 or older and located within the US or Canada.

Can I write on the team if I am not already a published writer? Yes, being a published writer is not a requirement to be on our team; motivation, drive and willingness to learn and grow are very important to our team! Submit an application today!

What do your Recruiting Officers look for when interviewing applicants? During phone interviews, our Recruiting Officers look for dedication and the drive to learn and improve their writing skills. We are looking for people who are comfortable with having an editor and will respect our deadlines. We look for people who have respect towards our admin and will communicate with their editor. Since we are a remote opportunity, communication is key to being a part of our team. We also want people who will engage in conversation with other writers on our team who will establish professional relationships.

What topics can I write about? Whatever you want! On Coffee House Writers publication, we have categories that you can write under, including Creativity, Culture, Environment, Family, Fiction, Health, Media, Music, Poetry, Politics, Relationships, Sports, Style and Travel. You do not have to stick within these categories. If you are writing within more than 1 of these categories, that’s fine and you can select more than 1 category when submitting. The only thing we ask is that if your article has sensitive content, you include a trigger warning in the beginning (this has actually been known to peak interest) and contact information for hotlines at the end of the article for those struggling.

Can I write a short story in multiple parts? Yes, you can write a short story in subsequent submissions, as long as you write which part your story is in the title (ex- My Story: Part 2), include a link in the beginning to your previous parts in case your readers are just finding you and submit all parts to the same platform.

What is the poetry division? The poetry division is for poets who want to write poetry and continue learning and improving their work. Every writer in the Poetry Department will have a Poetry Mentor (much like an editor), who will edit their work but also work with them to improve their writing, help them with contests and workshops and engage them with questions and challenges. You will still submit articles through the same team and publication. Many people pay big money to be a part of such a special poetry learning experience!

Can I publish my work elsewhere after publishing it with you? You cannot republish work to another professional publishing company, and you cannot submit articles to us that have already been published to a professional publishing company. You can post articles you had published with us to a personal blog (we recommend including the link to your article) as well as use them in a resume or portfolio (online or print) and any books you publish.

How can I be more involved in the team? All our writers are on our team Slack channel, which is where most of our communication is conducted, as well as our team’s private Facebook group. We have team video meetings every other month with team parties on off months, and monthly calendars are made. These are all posted on the Slack and Facebook pages. You could also reach out to one of our Team Captains if you are interested in an Admin position.