• Full moon

    You know those necklaces the royals wear? You know where they come from? Legend has it that the Moon was bored with among the stars. She wanted a sense of adventure. Sure she was able to watch stars being born from great explosions of light, but once you saw that for millions of years you ...
  • Purple-tinged Trees

    Zana sprints around Planet Kaddasm’s rough terrain in perpetual darkness with great ease. Her large, light-sensing eyes give her night vision, and her cold-blooded body allows her to thrive on the frigid planet. She veers left and right, maneuvering through the tree groves without effort. Zana searches for volboar, creatures that run amok on Planet ...
  • 299

    The temp or temporary position I entered into for twelve weeks this past summer, has recently ended. What began as an immediate fix to an unexpected loss of income, turned out to be an amazing personal and occupational experience. In June, my family’s world changed suddenly, fear and chaos ensued. Panic and loss of sleep ...
  • 812

    The sheer prodigious of New Mexico became apparent to me as we drove down route 380. I spent many summers as a child in Ruidoso, New Mexico, but it was this particular trip that truly made me appreciate the beauty of this mysteriously vast terrain. My mom and niece picked me up from Albuquerque Airport ...
  • Nighttime adventures is a fantasy poem about the journeys we take in our dreams.

    At night imaginations take flight Bats echolocate as dragons fly by It’s quite a sight if you open the mind’s eye. Cameo faces with flowing hair wisp about in a cool, damp breeze Watch it if you dare Do you still feel at ease? A dragon cloud lumbers by while dew fairies dance in the ...
  • 734

    I will be traveling to Australia and New Zealand for a month, starting tomorrow. The past few weeks have been hectic getting ready for the adventure, so I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how I prepared at work and provide a few tips: Let people know… ahead of time After getting approved of ...