• A woman suffering from anxiety feels each time her mental illness wins she fades. Photo by ShiftGraphix courtesy of Pixabay.com. https://pixabay.com/en/sadness-depressed-woman-girl-alone-3434515/

    Trigger Warning: mental illness and suicide I won’t let you. No, I can’t! Stop talking! Shut up, you stupid head. You’re a curse. I toss and turn, never sleep. Making things worse. I just want peace. But you give me nightmares. I can’t face that fear. Not now, not here. I’m shopping. I’m sleeping. I’m ...
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    Here it comes to without a warning. It does not allow me time to fight it. It slowly consumes my thoughts and I find it hard to do anything. My brain begins to feel the doors closing in. I feel trapped and alone with the worrying. Then I begin to feel anxious and nervous at ...