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    With a fine of $50,000 toward Anthony Davis, he and his agent, Rich Paul, are wondering where, oh where, could he go next. Both have made it known to the New Orleans Pelicans that Davis won’t sign a supermax extension with the team after his contract expires next season. In other words, he wants out of ...
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    The man. The myth. The Diesel. Twenty-five years ago, Shaquille O’Neal’s full-length debut studio album Shaq Diesel was released. At the time, the young center for the Orlando Magic was still a fresh face in the Association. The year was 1993; he was drafted in 1992. Even so, the 7-footer went on to become a ...
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    Last April, the Denver Nuggets missed the playoffs as narrowly as a team possibly could, losing to the Minnesota Timberwolves on the last night of the season, 112-106 in overtime. That made it the second straight year the Nuggets missed the playoffs by just one game. That loss stuck with the team all offseason and ...
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    Everybody knows Damian Lillard can hoop, but did you know he can rap, too? I did; I’m actually a fan of his. In a fashion similar to that of retired NBA player and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, Lillard is using his celebrity platform to showcase his vast skill set to the world – not just ...
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    Will Kawhi Leonard make NBA history in 2019? He can. If Leonard is named the NBA’s most valuable player next year, he’ll become just the fifth player in league history to win both the MVP award and the defensive player of the year award during his career. Leonard’s already a two-time DPOY award winner. As ...
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    Amassing 11,000 made field goals is quite a great accomplishment for an NBA player. How great is it, you ask? Well, only a handful of the NBA’s all-time greatest players can boast the accomplishment. Take a moment to notice what I said. I said only a handful of the league’s all-time greatest players. I didn’t merely ...
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    DeMarcus Cousins. Draymond Green. Russell Westbrook. What do those three NBA players have in common? Well, aside from the fact that those three are among the best current players in the league, all three are also no strangers to receiving technical fouls. When it comes to filling up the stat sheet in one of basketball’s ...
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    Attention Readers: If you’re under the age of 21, you cannot, I repeat, you CANNOT read this article. Do NOT proceed any further. Stop now. Just kidding. In America, turning 21 years old is a pretty huge deal, though. A whole new door of opportunities and possibilities opens up for you at that age, at ...
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    Only eight teams are left standing as second round action has tipped off in the NBA playoffs. Today, however, we’ll take a look at the Western Conference teams that lost in the first round, the questions they face entering the offseason, and how they can take the next step. Portland Trail Blazers The West’s 3-seed ...
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    Followers of the NBA have seen some brilliant rookie campaigns throughout the years. This year has been no different. NBA rookie, Ben Simmons, for example, had himself a pretty spectacular regular season. The Philadelphia 76ers’ 6-foot-10-inch starting point guard is already a statistical phenomenon in just his first season of action. He averaged 16 points, 8.2 ...