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    “Frat Girl” by Kiley Roache is a chick-lit book about a rebel. Cassie Miller is a girl who has aspirations to go off to her dream college in California. In order to do that, she needs to get a scholarship. The one she’s applied for needs her to propose a research project that relates to ...
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    Those that know me know I am picky about the poetry I find worthy of being read. I know Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost are considered great poets by most academics of poetry, but for me, they just don’t click. But, with Luke Savage’s My Life, My Death, the words come so smooth and the ...
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    Today, I became the girl reading a book in a bar. It’s not something I ever saw myself doing… truth be told, I’ve found myself doing more than I ever imagined lately. But that’s the beautiful thing about being alone. There’s a Kelly Clarkson lyric that goes, “You try to break me but you see, ...
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    Digging through my suitcase of books, I stumbled across a borrowed, happily worn copy of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Not having been incredibly far into the book, I started from the beginning and slowly became enveloped into Siddhartha’s world. The book itself tells the journey Siddhartha goes through, from living a privileged life as the ...
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      A comfy orange armchair sits under a poorly painted character of the long-dead Lewis Carroll Though this isn’t the place for White rabbits, there have been swirling Cups of Tea    sat upon tables, with chipping paint Some obscure, easy listening tune from the 90s is playing softly, it struggles with the hum of fluorescent lights   I ...