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    Josephine Blaise picks up a black eyeliner from her makeup counter. I need to make these eyebrows darker. And now, for the eyes. She thought while moving the brush down to her lashes. I need smokier gray eyeshadow. “Looking good,” Josephine says leaning back to study both eyes. Blood red lipstick will look great. Josephine scratches ...
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    ***Trigger Warning*** Even though this is a work of fiction… The story depicts domestic violence both physical and mental. Read Part One Back in the present, Elizabeth came back to reality as Valentin began coming up the stairs. He stomped loudly and shouted her name over and over. Oh Lord Help me, the devil is ...
  • golden dragon.

    How does someone explain to the world that they never expected to change it? That they had only hoped to find the missing part of themselves? Yet, here they stood with the world as they knew it over and gone. From the moment that young Caleb had arrived on Sunset Island, he had known the ...
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    When Angie put her key in the front door and opened it for the first time, she felt a presence. Strange. She carried her overstuffed suitcase and a little bit of fear over the threshold into her temporary home. This would be fine. She was only house sitting for the Debsons for the week, and she ...
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    The search for inner peace. Does anyone really have right answers? Does anyone know the answer to the age-old question? Everyone disagrees. Some people meditate; some people pray; some people just earn money or sex with many nameless and faceless strangers until one day their sins catch up to them and they die. But, of ...
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    You were built with passion and ingenuity. You’ve lasted a century, and you’ve made us smarter. From your view, the world could be seen. Every cloud, every natural wonder, every mountain, and every country, is at your feet as you fly high above in the sky. You are just a century old. Flying high in ...
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    I’ve been chronicling my experience with editing here at Coffee House Writers with some of my past articles. “Starting Over: Mirroring Kristin Cashore’s Writing of Bitterblue” was about how rewriting the whole story was my original plan. “An Editing Process for Pantsers” mentioned a very analytical way of evaluating each scene and figuring out whether ...
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    When I started this journey into becoming a full-time writer, I have to admit, I didn’t really have a real direction or purpose other than to write. I had grown increasingly tired (fed up) with my career choice in information technology as I felt stagnate. This stagnation was the catalyst to finally switch gears and ...
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    Before I could react, the man was on me, taking me to the ground. I deflected each blow, blocking and parrying his fists. In one hand he wielded a short blade. But, with one quick jab to the tender part of his wrist, I disarmed him. With an elbow to the temple and a ridge ...
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    Gaia looked around at the home that Rhea and Cronus had created for themselves, keeping her distance from her former husband. “What is taking them so long?” Cronus asked in his deep gruff voice. “She is getting ready to give birth to her first child. Let him be with his wife,” Gaia would be lying ...