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    “Lily, slow down!” Lily didn’t want to wait for Mommy. After three days of rain, Mommy finally said it was time visit Daddy. So, Lily kept running, she knew the way. She stopped mid-run, spread her arms wide, and looked up toward the bright blue sky, squinting from the sun that was no longer blocked ...
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    It is no secret that cancer effectively ruined my life in April 2016. Family and friends know that the battle with cancer started almost nine months before my dad died. I noticed that something was wrong in July 2015, when we went on a family trip to Tennessee. It was a good trip and we ...
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    October 10, 2015 Sunday mornings in October meant getting up early to work at the Hilti Ballfields. Dad served as the head groundskeeper there, making sure that the fields were in order for the little league games. He hired my siblings and I to walk the fields an hour before dawn to pick up the ...
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    Winter is here, and, like it or not, so are the holidays that I try my best not to think about the rest of the year. This will be my third fatherless Christmas season. I think missing him gets hardest on November 1st and stays that way until December 26th. The only thing worse than ...
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    Dear Mom, Do you love my Dad? How did you know he was the one you wanted to be my Dad? Where did you guys meet? How old were you?   Sincerely L. The Spitting Image of You.   <linebreak>   Dear Spitting Image Of Me, Love is a strange word. It has a lot ...
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    It’s easy for someone to forget that I’m not okay. I am good at putting on the ‘okay’ face and pretending that my heart isn’t still horribly mangled from losing my dad. It isn’t something I bring up meeting new people because I don’t want to be the “sad kid.” When someone makes an insensitive ...
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    I know that being a doctor cannot be easy. Almost every day, you make choices that will have a lasting impact on the lives of patients and their families. When operating, their lives are in your hands. One mistake can end a life as quickly as the answer can save one. I respect what you ...
  • "God of War:" Father and Son

    “Be better.” God of War begins with a mantra that drills its way home into the heart of its audience. What begins as bad-cop dad’s admonishment slowly reveals itself as the underpinning of a series’ transformation. God of War is rife with subtle and beautiful symbolic imagery, but most of the game’s profound moments happen ...
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    Holy shit. That’s the stunned expression of gamers everywhere, an audience starved in the age of free to play, microtransactions, and fast paced competitive shooters where your heroes seem hardly heroic, mindlessly pitted against each-other in matchmaking (I’m looking at you Overwatch). Holy shit! did God of War make an entrance, upending every single expectation. ...
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    RSU is decked out in red and green lights. Inflatables decorate our front lawn in Kansas. Mom’s Mickey Mouse village is set up in the living room. The Christmas tree is up, covered in ornaments for every year that we’ve been a family. My favorite year is 2004. It’s the year when my brother joined our ...