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    I have never considered myself to be the type of person with a plan. I, admittedly, dread being asked about where I see myself in the next five to ten years. My mind usually goes blank, and I completely freeze up when I am faced with this question. The fact is, it’s honestly impossible for ...
  • Nighttime adventures is a fantasy poem about the journeys we take in our dreams.

    At night imaginations take flight Bats echolocate as dragons fly by It’s quite a sight if you open the mind’s eye. Cameo faces with flowing hair wisp about in a cool, damp breeze Watch it if you dare Do you still feel at ease? A dragon cloud lumbers by while dew fairies dance in the ...
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    I see a hallway, a hallway I am too familiar with, that I have painstakingly recreated in all of my nightmares about what happened that terrible, horrible week. I walk down it, but it doesn’t show me what I think it will. I’m at home. It’s early. The sun hasn’t even risen yet. I’m usually ...