• lighthouse, tavern

    CASE FILE FW.DP.001-1 Locals report that several prominent members of their town have vanished into thin air. No notes, no clues and no suspects. That was the only information printed across the page tucked inside the crisp manila folder with its neatly printed label. Soft blue eyes darted from the stark white page to the ...
  • Hackney Marshes, London, United Kingdom

    The air is different in central Bristol; it’s a cool, crisp, and cold shoulder wind with a hint of mystery to make it have an edge above London. Realistically, the shroud of Banksy covers almost every small corner of the city, which is more of a unique hinge London already doesn’t have. It was where ...
  • popppy field

    How does one do it? Stand here in the dark and not fight against the urges that burst through the very core of your existence. Some say it’s easy to give up on caring. If one has nothing to care about then what regrets will they face? But I ask myself every morning, “Is death ...
  • castle ruins

    For one moment, the world around Adelaide made sense, before that clarity faded away and chaos took hold. Being new to the island, the young woman didn’t have a chance to prepare herself for the events that happened. She was advised to simply touch the hand of the men standing on the pillars. If she ...
  • 206

    The thing was massive, at least eight feet tall. Its broad shoulders and chest were covered in a thick layer of black matted fur that extended down its abdomen and to the upper portion of its muscular thighs. Instead of feet it had hooves that looked too small to support the creature’s weight. When Mike ...
  • 192

    It was as if the trees sucked the sound out of the world. Not even birds could be heard and Mike felt as if they’d been completely cut off from any other living thing. Nathan commented, “I’ve never heard such silence in a natural environment.” “Nothing about this is natural,” Mike said. Reina rolled her ...
  • 143

    “Jesus Christ, I didn’t want you to choke the kid. Just fuck him up a little bit.” Another man emerged from the couch in the living room. His blonde hair was slicked back perfectly, and with his all black everything outfit, he looked like he just stepped out of Cry Baby. “Well, ‘fuck him up ...
  • golden dragon.

    How does someone explain to the world that they never expected to change it? That they had only hoped to find the missing part of themselves? Yet, here they stood with the world as they knew it over and gone. From the moment that young Caleb had arrived on Sunset Island, he had known the ...
  • 248

    “Uh, yeah, I’ll be careful. See ya.” Billy looked back at old man Lupa who was peering through his blinds in his trailer, still staring at the sky the best that he could. Usually, when it rained, he sat out in his fold-out chair waiting to welcome it and when the thunder and lightning came, ...
  • black, white, shipwreck, sand, disaster

    There was a saying about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. What about being in the wrong place at the right time? One thing young Adelaide did know is that life was full of mystery and one rarely had all the answers. She would not fool herself into thinking life was anything ...