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    Grace had her pants around her ankles when she heard the bus pull up near her car. She had to piss so badly, and knew she wasn’t going to make it to the next rest stop. Her best friend Amy was supposed to be standing watch, but of course she wandered off. Grace and Amy’s ...
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    Life has seasons, joy or sorrow, We don’t know which one’s tomorrow. Peaceful bliss or be wary, my friend, You don’t know what’s waiting around the bend. Hard work and passion produces plenty, Many lives lived by the age of twenty. You know the good times come and the bad times follow, But the in-between ...
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    In the not too distant future, due to all the mass shootings, a panel is put in the principal’s office of all schools that basically leads to an isolated apartment behind it.
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    Trigger warning: death, alcohol use, and self-harm depicted in this fictional work “This is it!” I said out loud, the ugly pink wallpaper was my only audience. “Tonight is the night that I’m writing something great!” Even my internal monologue sounded as if I was questioning myself. The knot formed in my stomach as my eyes drifted ...
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    CASE FILE FW.DP.001-1 Locals report that several prominent members of their town have vanished into thin air. No notes, no clues and no suspects. That was the only information printed across the page tucked inside the crisp manila folder with its neatly printed label. Soft blue eyes darted from the stark white page to the ...
  • Moon over brick wall & brick building

    Scarce lamp posts and a full moon provide limited lighting for Brian and his younger brother, Aidan, as they tour the streets of an old village in Italy. The two continue alongside a brick wall and weathered building and notice a light shining from the small upstairs window. A floor-level door bursts open and startle the ...
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    McBison was sitting outside his favorite coffee shop having a cup of iced coffee when he had to toss it aside and hit the ground as a crossbow bolt came soaring toward. I should have known better than to try to finish a cup of coffee with Morgana in one of her moods, he thought ...
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    The trio dragged the unconscious creature from the wood while the mysterious man who helped followed, his eyes never leaving the beast. As they approached the entrance to the forest, Mike checked his phone for any sign of life. To his shock, there were a couple of bars of battery, as if the dead allowed ...
  • Woman Rising Hand

    ***Trigger Warning*** The following work of fiction contains verbal, drug use, sexual content, and physical violence. Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five Why am I still here? He is the devil! She needed to take her life back. Elizabeth took out her diary. December 2013. Dear Diary, I have had enough. My husband needs to pay ...
  • Red Door with a Wreath

    Nolan and Brynn enjoy lunch at the Old Wintry Café and overhear a conversation at a nearby table. Three women are discussing rumors about an old brick building with a weathered, red door. The middle-aged lady informs her two younger companions of her given warning against entering the door while the wreath hangs on the ...