• Old Man

    The boy passed the joint to his grandfather. A bulbous white cloud enveloped them, Locking souls together by generations: Generations walking backwards, Generations drowning under design and democracy, Generations pacing below sea level, Slave ships cresting high above their abandoned spirits. The Elder’s gray eyes dared look to the boy, A solitary moment imprisoned between ...
  • Photo Credit @ Martyn Cook

    We all deal with grief differently. My little sister reads sad quotes on Pinterest that express how she feels better than she can. My brother doesn’t like to get out at the cemetery because it makes Dad’s death real. I write and publish my reflections on grief for strangers to read. Writing about it is ...
  • Ocean

    The world today Makes it so difficult To find the silence To give yourself the time To heal   To sit and reflect Is not something We are taught to do   It’s so rare to get time Truly alone Without the distractions   From work From friends   Finding the time To sit by ...
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    It is no secret that cancer effectively ruined my life in April 2016. Family and friends know that the battle with cancer started almost nine months before my dad died. I noticed that something was wrong in July 2015, when we went on a family trip to Tennessee. It was a good trip and we ...
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    Trigger warning: Talks about grief/losing a loved one Recently, I experienced (and am still experiencing) the complicated emotions surrounding grief.  I’ve wanted to write about my experience for a while, but I needed to wait until my feelings settled. I’ve been able to take a step back and look at how I processed everything—from seeing my ...
  • loneliness

    I like you- but not the way you treat me. Conversation free flowing like an electric current through a wire Shared interests and activities Commonalities on every level Guiding each other through our days Hidden affections and wanting more- Feigned closeness and fictitious comfort. You kept me your Secret Garden buried with made up lies ...
  • two female children playing in the sun.

    Hello, my sister. I hope you are doing okay? It’s been a while since I have seen you. I just wanted to hear your voice! After all, it’s been two years’ now. Since I had to say goodbye, I am sorry I did not get the chance to be there by your side. I know I made ...
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    October 10, 2015 Sunday mornings in October meant getting up early to work at the Hilti Ballfields. Dad served as the head groundskeeper there, making sure that the fields were in order for the little league games. He hired my siblings and I to walk the fields an hour before dawn to pick up the ...
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    Winter is here, and, like it or not, so are the holidays that I try my best not to think about the rest of the year. This will be my third fatherless Christmas season. I think missing him gets hardest on November 1st and stays that way until December 26th. The only thing worse than ...
  • Photo Credit @ Лариса Мозговая

    Dear 17-year-old Jordan, I won’t ask how you’re doing right now. 16 was an awkward year for us, so I already know the answer. I know that it seems like life is out to get you. I wish I could promise that the next four years are so much easier. I can’t. But I can ...