• Moon over brick wall & brick building

    Scarce lamp posts and a full moon provide limited lighting for Brian and his younger brother, Aidan, as they tour the streets of an old village in Italy. The two continue alongside a brick wall and weathered building and notice a light shining from the small upstairs window. A floor-level door bursts open and startle the ...
  • 65

    The trio dragged the unconscious creature from the wood while the mysterious man who helped followed, his eyes never leaving the beast. As they approached the entrance to the forest, Mike checked his phone for any sign of life. To his shock, there were a couple of bars of battery, as if the dead allowed ...
  • Average face of 12 red-headed women

    A Goodeville, Illinois Story Read other stories dealing with Goodeville, Illinois:  Short Story: The Woman In Black | Short Story: “Good Morning, Zombies.” | Short Story: River Stone Love | Short Story: First Day of School| Short Story: Henry Blaise Meets the Babysitter   I never believed in ghosts. I always thought they were a figment of a crazy person’s ...
  • 116

    “NOW!” the stranger yelled at Mike and his team as all three watched the ragged man sprint toward the falling beast. Reina could see a thick tree branch crafted into a weapon in his right hand. An animal so top-heaving, so large, coarse, and threatening, cannot regain its footing when it is interrupted mid run, ...
  • 137

    Mike brought the net to the edge of the trees along with the electrified staff. The net was a failsafe. The staff would shock the fallen creature after he went through the trip wire. Reina positioned herself at the edge as well, her bolas in hand ready to toss at the thing’s ankles if the ...
  • Cemetery, Nightfall, Entity

    ** Trigger Warning – Physical abuse/attack, Death/loss ** Lindsey’s friends warn her to stay out of the old cemetery when night falls on Hallows Eve. They claim it becomes a spiritual conduit and that a malicious entity appears. She ponders whether or not to heed her friends’ warnings as she maneuvers her red Jeep along ...
  • 134

    “Emmett! Emmett, where are you?” Catalina called out for her boyfriend in the woods they decided to rendezvous at for their hook up. She knew that he was with another, but she didn’t care. He was kind, passionate, and sexy as hell. He made her feel amazing every time she was with him. Even though ...
  • Haunted Halloween, black cat in a copper night sky., saso-tusar-130051-unsplash, https://unsplash.com/photos/yP19KADwhEI

    Steps creek Unseen critters squeak and mortals freak Ouija board seers confirm our fears so, we shift gears Banshees howl in chorus with the night owl as jack-o-lanterns scowl Witches dance while the moon takes the chance to enchant the world in a trance Violet skies seen by widened eyes We’re fearful of the werewolves’ ...
  • 126

    The thing was massive, at least eight feet tall. Its broad shoulders and chest were covered in a thick layer of black matted fur that extended down its abdomen and to the upper portion of its muscular thighs. Instead of feet it had hooves that looked too small to support the creature’s weight. When Mike ...
  • Monster Red Eyes Aggressive Fangs Tooth Evil

    Josephine Blaise picks up a black eyeliner from her makeup counter. I need to make these eyebrows darker. And now, for the eyes. She thought while moving the brush down to her lashes. I need smokier gray eyeshadow. “Looking good,” Josephine says leaning back to study both eyes. Blood red lipstick will look great. Josephine scratches ...