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    The longer he held on the less feeling she had in her hands. Slowly the chill crept up her arms, and soon she felt the cold grip on her shoulders. “Let go,” she managed to whimper, but instead of releasing his grasp, the figure held tighter and leaned in so his white eyes were less ...
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    Seattle has a secret underground city. How many of you all knew that? I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, and I didn’t. In Seattle’s early days, her Pioneer Square would be unfit for visitors, as the high tides from the Pacific Ocean would back up the sewage system. The toilets would over flow, ...
  • Woman's hair clouded into a worn down house

    Knock, Knock on the door, Won’t you knock a little more? Knock, knock on the door, won’t you cry a little more? Knock, Knock on the door, won’t you die a little more? Knock, Knock limb for limb, things are looking pretty grim. Knock, Knock, limb for limb, life will never sing her hymn. Knock, ...
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    Veronica drained the last of her drink and set the glass down on the table. She let the weight of it hit the wooden surface a little too hard, but she wanted to get his attention. She thought she saw a flicker around the edge of what should be his right arm, but it may ...
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    Veronica sat at the kitchen table, staring through the doorway. From her seat she could see directly into the living room. That’s where the man was standing. When she was small, Veronica always felt someone watching her. Whether she was playing in her room or in the yard or eating her dinner, she knew there ...
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    It was a beautiful fall day–cool temperature with a slight breeze that played with your hair. Lots and lots of sun. A perfect day. A day Amber King normally would be singing some sappy song while doing her errands. Not today. Any other day she would be standing in line at Starbucks for her favorite ...
  • Nighttime Woods Moon Tree Roots

    Nightfall brings unease and gloom, forcing chills down Gabby’s spine as she lays in bed. She hesitates to drift off to sleep on 13 Wistful Way, the house she inherited from her Aunt Kacie’s passing. Since moving into the lone home in the wooded area, Gabby experiences inexplicable sleep disturbances. Night terrors and episodes of ...
  • Fog, trees, partial house

    A blanket of fog fills the forest, reducing visibility for Grant and Tessalyn as they hike deep within. The dense haze piques the curiosity of the newly-dating couple, so they trudge on. But their enthusiasm soon turns to trepidation as they realize they’re lost.  Grant treks alongside Tessalyn while observing the invasive murk; it conceals ...
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    Jessie sits on a log, licking his lips while roasting two marshmallows over the campfire. The flames send sparks into the crisp air, and the winter wind drifts the embers over the snow-filled treetops. His brown eyes show the glow of the roaring inferno in front of him, and his blue hair flows over his ...
  • Moon over brick wall & brick building

    Scarce lamp posts and a full moon provide limited lighting for Brian and his younger brother, Aidan, as they tour the streets of an old village in Italy. The two continue alongside a brick wall and weathered building and notice a light shining from the small upstairs window. A floor-level door bursts open and startle the ...