• Young girl. Childhood, springtime

    There was a little girl. She had long curly brown hair and big glasses. She was small and tripped over her hair as she entered the large crystal door of the ballroom. I snickered at her and received a menacing glare from my grandfather. “She will be your queen one day, Ariadne. Show some respect.” ...
  • Hands, magic

    “Lucy, what if she wants to kiss me?” Dai asked me, nervously wringing his sun-kissed hands, and dancing around like a toddler doing the potty dance. I looked at my friend as I raised a strawberry blonde eyebrow. His light brown hair looked like a squished porcupine on his head. “Dai I think-Did Dria roll ...
  • https://pixabay.com/en/woman-face-wall-view-eyes-228178/

    I stand there, watching you walk with her. You hold her cheek in your hand, Kiss her lips Tenderly As if she’s breakable and Precious.   My heart drops. Hot anger flows through my veins. I see red.   My fists clench and I shake with Rejection, Broken dreams, And lost hope. My stomach is ...
  • comparing accomplishments

    There comes a moment in time, whether this is in high school, college or beyond, where we may realize that either our friends have “accomplished” more or that we have accomplished more than they have. This moment can be awkward, and if we don’t deal with the situation in the most empathetic manner, we can ...