• An anchored woman drowning in her relationship. https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-water-clearing-his-face-of-water-1414047/

    I say, Don’t hurt me You say, okay I want to believe you But you must hate me you wreck my heart repeatedly I want to say goodbye after fourteen years wasting time On you. I love you I don’t want to but I’m hooked I’m not your wife or lover I’m your banker, fail-safe, ...
  • Hogwarts

    Joy! That’s the one word, the only word that can define a visit to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter for me. It’s everywhere, in the laughs of each  “witch” and “wizard” window shopping in Diagon Alley, the eyes of each passenger riding aboard the Hogwart’s Express, the expressions of each person as they collect ...
  • dogs heaven

    Animals have been and still are my saving grace.  Life throws curves on a regular basis, and even though we know this to be true, the hardness of life sometimes pulls one into the abyss of darkness.  Animals have this gift of joy they give freely.  This joy is what sustains me through those difficult ...
  • 290

    Puppy paws- The way they curl and flex as the dog is sleeping, Their soft pads, little toe beans.   Clean bed sheets- Soft or silky, cozy and warm, How good they feel after a long day.   Mini Marshmallows in hot cocoa- Bobbing up and down, melting into gooey deliciousness No winter is complete ...