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    Ricochet: a verb meaning to bounce off something at an angle.  When it comes to firearms, a ricochet can be dangerous and deadly. When it comes to life, it can go either way. A verbal “bullet” will always be deflected in one way or another. A bad relationship can ricochet emotional baggage into every relationship ...
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    While I was sipping chamomile tea from a styrofoam cup and lying on the mustard-colored couch during what my shirk had referred to as “one of our most productive sessions yet” in July, Laura and I decided that it was best for me to “unplug” for a little while. So after living off Ramen noodles ...
  • Cinderella's shoe

    What a grim tale- Lentils from ash. Pigeons and tears. Wishes and death. Three stunning dresses. Two evil sisters. A prince- warned by pigeon guesses. A shoe- brimmed with bloody blisters. What sort of prince recognizes his dance partner but not the eyesore brides carried on his horse twice before? Which is more cruel? Hopes ...
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    If this doesn’t prove that I am a pushover when it comes to Hannah and CJ, I don’t know what will. All Hannah did was ask if I would write a special article about her for her 17th birthday. Based on this article, I’m sure you can guess who won that conversation. Hannah turned 17 ...
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    Dear Mom, Do you love my Dad? How did you know he was the one you wanted to be my Dad? Where did you guys meet? How old were you?   Sincerely L. The Spitting Image of You.   <linebreak>   Dear Spitting Image Of Me, Love is a strange word. It has a lot ...
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    A Kassandra Tale My eyes first fell upon her when she was walking home from school. Her brown hair was swaying in the autumn breeze. Her brother held on to her hand tight. I sensed the protectiveness beating off him, like Honeysuckle drifting in the air. I knew then; she was special. A month later I went ...
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    The wet tile floor firm against my cheek. If I could have drowned in my tears… I would have removed my life vest without hesitation.   I shielded the truth by turning on the fan and shower water, by locking the bathroom doors, and by keeping this tale an undisturbed secret— until today.   I ...
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    Sharp and bitter- the drawing in of breath, the stifling of the vocals as the burn begins to set. Soft and sweet- thirsting lips on hungry skin, a sparking of the embers so the fire can begin. Tingling, spinning- rushes of forbidden sin. Small deaths peaking through the fractures deep within. Drumming, pounding- the beating ...
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    You A kiss with an icy touch Piercing and intense. Passion like a burning fire. Powerful and seductive, always wanting more. Aging to perfection.   Me Lips as soft as satin, Fruity with an unexpected bitterness Warming everything in my path Safe and comforting. Subtle, enchanting-dainty and strong.
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    Making someone who turns to food more self-conscious will only lead to them eating moreAs someone who has been overweight for most of my life due to various health issues, I have first-hand experience with “fat-shaming.” Once something finishes in the fridge, I’m the first person accused. Family members often greet me with shocked looks ...