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    The Harry Potter series is the first set of books that I remember reading when I was younger. I can remember how the first book made me feel like I was a student at Hogwarts that year, observing Harry’s adventures. I grew up with the Boy Who Lived and rooted for him when he defeated Voldemort. When ...
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    Terrifier is the dumbest movie I have seen on Netflix. I’m a horror junkie for sure. I love horror movies, horror merch, books about serial killers, ghosts, demons, and mass murderers. Anything with blood guts and gore, I love. This weird affinity for the darkest recesses of human nature is nothing new. In fact, I ...
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    I like to watch three things on every streaming service that I have: documentaries, supernatural tv shows, and b-horror movies. To be my favorite streaming service, it has to deliver on those three options. Netflix is, by far, the best when it comes to my favorite things. It has an exclusive deal with CW for ...
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    The noblest art is that of making others happy. ~ P. T. Barnum First announced in 2009 with Hugh Jackman in the title role, The Greatest Showman would not be released for another eight years because studios were reluctant to take a risk on an original musical. Thankfully, it was released in late 2017 for the ...
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    A Christmas Carol. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Raggedy Anne & Andy. Each an animated masterpiece of its own. If you have seen one of these films, you have seen the work of animator Richard Williams. His many works have amassed a collection of awards for Williams, including 3 Academy Awards and an Emmy. Now in his 80s, ...