• Winter Bridge

    Cold temperatures, lethargy, Snow that blankets everything. Only deeper as the season continues, Barricading in the safety of isolation.   Excavating the emotional avalanche Like brushing feet of snow off the windshield Chipping away at ice, the shell of protection, Reopening emotions.   Potholes deeper, cracking souls. Patches of asphalt fill holes. Temporary fix. If unattended, ...
  • A woman suffering from anxiety feels each time her mental illness wins she fades. Photo by ShiftGraphix courtesy of Pixabay.com. https://pixabay.com/en/sadness-depressed-woman-girl-alone-3434515/

    Trigger Warning: mental illness and suicide I won’t let you. No, I can’t! Stop talking! Shut up, you stupid head. You’re a curse. I toss and turn, never sleep. Making things worse. I just want peace. But you give me nightmares. I can’t face that fear. Not now, not here. I’m shopping. I’m sleeping. I’m ...