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    I long for that place. You know, the one where everything fades away and you are left with just Your mind and a blank page. Anything is possible. Dragons, Dungeons, Magic Potions Love, Friendship, Soul Mates Aliens, Spacecraft, Time Travel Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction Vast as an ocean, Endless as a torrential rain. Filling your ...
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    Heart races, Palms sweat, Breath shallow. Mind races, Practice speeches, Analyze outcomes. Anxiety rises.   Hello? Absent minded, On autopilot. Stress plateaus. We speak.   Conversation over. End call. Body sags, Breath released. Heart slows, Exhaustion hits. Adulting is hard.
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    I ain’t gonna be that easy to leave I’m gonna make you miss me I’m gonna make you miss the way I laughed and the sound of my voice I ain’t gonna be that easy to leave I’m gonna make you miss the way my hand fit in yours and the way I lit up ...
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    I stand there, watching you walk with her. You hold her cheek in your hand, Kiss her lips Tenderly As if she’s breakable and Precious.   My heart drops. Hot anger flows through my veins. I see red.   My fists clench and I shake with Rejection, Broken dreams, And lost hope. My stomach is ...
  • The witch's candy house from Hansel and Gretel by CC0 Creative Commons courtesy of Pixabay.com https://pixabay.com/en/witch-s-house-785754/

    Your Honor, in my defense, they ate my house. I kept it pristine and clean. No mouse nor louse entered my house. Then two brats, Yes, those two there, Hansel and Gretel, ramble up my sweets walk breaking candy canes and lollipops. They ate my house! Yes, I lost it, temporary insanity, and locked them ...
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    Sharp and bitter- the drawing in of breath, the stifling of the vocals as the burn begins to set. Soft and sweet- thirsting lips on hungry skin, a sparking of the embers so the fire can begin. Tingling, spinning- rushes of forbidden sin. Small deaths peaking through the fractures deep within. Drumming, pounding- the beating ...
  • Birthday Cake with Candles

    18 years of joy Of happiness and excitement too, 18 years of love and laughter In one enjoyable you.   You are my darling daughter My precious baby girl, I adore your green-blue eyes And every single curl.   You have my sense of humor And your daddy’s strength of will, You are very independent ...