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    The earliest stirrings of spring but the flowers are still closed, waiting. You feel you are waiting, too.   The light breeze wraps you up, content. You breathe with the wind and for the first time, there’s hope again.   When the flowers bloom you will too, When the grass grows greener you will let ...
  • woman running at sunrise

    Itstartedoutasasprint h o p i n g ifidid…somethingyouliked things would…turn out…different Then it was to see how much d          i           s          t           a          n          c          e I could put between me And my problems I wanted to run away Then it was a punishment How dare I eat that or think that How dare I be ...
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    I stand there, watching you walk with her. You hold her cheek in your hand, Kiss her lips Tenderly As if she’s breakable and Precious.   My heart drops. Hot anger flows through my veins. I see red.   My fists clench and I shake with Rejection, Broken dreams, And lost hope. My stomach is ...
  • Northern Arizona Desert

    1. Saguaro The refracted sunlight cut me in half. Unexpected, given the way, the Lord teased with dreams of freedom. Instead, handing over concrete, and busted Seagram’s bottles. We never knew its warmth was meant for us. I didn’t know the sun could arch that high, and peer down so lovingly. Until we drove southeast. ...
  • Northern Lights over Lake McDonald

    I’ve always had a fascination withThe Northern LightsThe beauty and the colorThat they produce Have always left me awestruckThey always remind me To live your life In full colorExperience what you feelAs deep as you need They remind meTo never let someone Take away What makes you, You I’ve always had a fascination with The ...
  • Woman's hair clouded into a worn down house

    Knock, Knock on the door, Won’t you knock a little more? Knock, knock on the door, won’t you cry a little more? Knock, Knock on the door, won’t you die a little more? Knock, Knock limb for limb, things are looking pretty grim. Knock, Knock, limb for limb, life will never sing her hymn. Knock, ...
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    our memories are tokens of the past and though most of them don’t even last a few will touch your heart and change who you are • • • old reminders make life sweet memories we want to keep but our past must follow us from a distance • • • time slips away sunlight ...
  • Image of stressed woman wanting peace of mind by PrettySleepy2 courtesy of Pixabay.com https://pixabay.com/en/woman-cartoon-female-girl-3275328/

    Peace of Mind is a poem about the desire to care for their loved ones without losing themself
  • Paolo Steffan, Portrait of John Coltrane - 2007

    J darkness ain’t shit until you see silver outlines of your mama telling you your soul is not worth a pork rump. Darkness.  Hallucination. the din of incarceration, salt-caked walls hovering between each labored breath a face stuck to a cold, shit-stained floor.  I know the Man is in me deep, so deep that I ...
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    Apartments One house, multiple units Close to Sherman and Washington A dirty yellow color, it has since been painted. Reality: it needs to be condemned We lived upstairs and in the back unit-two different moments in life My ET light blanketing my dreams Many memories remembered and forgotten and made up The back concrete slab, a ...