• NaNoWriMo Winner Certificate

    National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, takes place every November. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days, which works out to be 1,667 words a day. You “win” prizes such as discounts on writing software and services. There is no fee for entering, and you get to choose what you write. It ...
  • 83

    At night my brain tells me stories, The worst of their kind. I wake with jealous rage, and a shattered, tangled mind.   At night my body sleeps, But my mind – it disobeys. It twists the truth, my insecurities, In the darkest, strangest ways.   At night my thoughts betray me, They dance out ...
  • 182

    I don’t know you, but I love you.   A shadow in the heavens, A star in the sky. Glitter on the water tops, A moon shining bright.   A precious gift from God, A sweet bundle of joy. I sit in anticipation, For you to arrive.   Watching your heart flutter, Seeing your tiny ...
  • 104

    Criticism Constructive or hurtful – what’s the difference? Ones marked with love, one with cynicism.   A kind word of encouragement or spiteful disdain, One aims to better you, one causes strain.   Believe what is popular, what is easy to please, Shun everyone else who disagrees.   Be a social advocate – but only ...
  • Image of a purple classic care in a city alley. Use your imagination and find serenedipty. https://www.pexels.com/photo/alley-automobile-automotive-car-1029929/

    Dreams I’ve had They come They go Where to? I don’t know. Hopes are fleeting Here today Gone tomorrow Like a bird flitting around. What lasts? I don’t know Not dreams Not hope What’s to do? I woke one day got dressed ate breakfast and ran away Seeking something A feeling, maybe Perhaps love Perhaps ...
  • 212

    Heartbreak has a name, It’s disappointment, it’s shame.   Heartbreak comes in many forms, A stab in the back, a perfect storm.   A broken heart is complicated, and you find it never quite heals right.   Sometimes it’s shock, a betrayal of trust, Other times it’s disguised by envy and lust.   When your ...
  • Winter Bridge

    Cold temperatures, lethargy, Snow that blankets everything. Only deeper as the season continues, Barricading in the safety of isolation.   Excavating the emotional avalanche Like brushing feet of snow off the windshield Chipping away at ice, the shell of protection, Reopening emotions.   Potholes deeper, cracking souls. Patches of asphalt fill holes. Temporary fix. If unattended, ...
  • A woman suffering from anxiety feels each time her mental illness wins she fades. Photo by ShiftGraphix courtesy of Pixabay.com. https://pixabay.com/en/sadness-depressed-woman-girl-alone-3434515/

    Trigger Warning: mental illness and suicide I won’t let you. No, I can’t! Stop talking! Shut up, you stupid head. You’re a curse. I toss and turn, never sleep. Making things worse. I just want peace. But you give me nightmares. I can’t face that fear. Not now, not here. I’m shopping. I’m sleeping. I’m ...
  • 142

    The stack of books to be read on the nightstand, The glass of sparkling pink wine, The softest of all blankets spread gently on the bed, A snoozing dog at the end of it.   A photo of a lovely couple on the dresser, The antique mirror, the jewelry box of dainty earrings.   A ...
  • white

    White A wisp of cloud, A wedding veil. A bright round moon, A ship’s full sail. Baby’s breath, a wedding bow, Smooth dove wings, cold Winter snow.   A lightning bolt, A spooky ghost. A slice of bread, A bubbly toast. Mother’s milk, a polar bear, Queen Anne’s Lace, Grandmother’s hair. White