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    Desolate, blank A canvas primed True colors covered Under an undyed wool blanket. Then a soft lover’s kiss Tingles the skin, Melts the shell, Life’s hues bursting. Blazing rays, Eyes opened, Smiles dance, Appetite ignites. Welcoming the fervor once again.
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    I want to grow up And I want to stay young forever.   I want to get married And I want to stay an individual.   I want to own a house And I want to stay in my apartment.   I want to excel in my chosen career And I want to go back ...
  • black

    Black Dalmatian spots, Kitty cats. Santa’s boots, Old top hats.   A hockey puck, A button nose. A spring bear cub, A fire hose.   Karate belt, Midnight sky. Leather jacket, Berry pie.   A garden spider, A jelly bean. A tire swing, An African Queen. Black
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    Sit in the sorrow, Rest in it. Let the colors surround you- Deep blue, gray, purple…   Breathe in the memories, Remember them, Breathe out the heaviness, Appreciate it.   Grief takes time, The world does not allow for A process that needs time, For the dark clouds to clear.
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    Pencil lines on paper,     Footprints in the snow.         Map routes in your mind and you              Don’t know which way to go.                    Life has all directions,                   ...
  • Cinderella's shoe

    What a grim tale- Lentils from ash. Pigeons and tears. Wishes and death. Three stunning dresses. Two evil sisters. A prince- warned by pigeon guesses. A shoe- brimmed with bloody blisters. What sort of prince recognizes his dance partner but not the eyesore brides carried on his horse twice before? Which is more cruel? Hopes ...
  • Changing Seasons of Life

    The 21st tells me to change. Nature isn’t as exact. The struggle of two seasons begins With the new pushing the old away.   The old life struggles for relevancy. Darkness pervades, Darkness prevails! Temperatures fluctuate As Mother Nature brings on the cold.   My soul hangs on tight… To warm, sensuous days. The grip ...
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    It’s time for tea time! Hot water a boiling. Kettle’s a-singing. Loose tea a crunching, As spoons a diggin’! It’s time to set the table! Plates a glisten. Cups a shining. Platters getting fuller, As foods been awaiting. It’s time for tea making! Hot water’s a boiling, Ready to be a pouring. Loose leaf is ...
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    The ocean waves softly roaring- The chair in the corner where I dream. The bright blue sky and the cool breeze- The desk by the window where I write.   I flash back to those happy summer days…   The sun warms my shoulders and my hair blows in the wind, tickling my back. I ...
  • Photo of a homeless teenager by Nicole Law courtesy of Pexels.com https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-gray-dress-lying-on-bench-757456/

    Daddy’s lashes tickle her cheek. Butterfly kisses, her favorite sweet. Mommy loved her but left too soon. Daddy didn’t last much longer. She couldn’t understand the lady dragging her away by the hand. Tears streaming down her face A broken heart, a broken home. Bouncing from house to house, an unwanted problem, a man’s vile ...