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    October 10, 2015 Sunday mornings in October meant getting up early to work at the Hilti Ballfields. Dad served as the head groundskeeper there, making sure that the fields were in order for the little league games. He hired my siblings and I to walk the fields an hour before dawn to pick up the ...
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    I hope you find someone like you. You burn everything you touch – it turns to ash in front of you. You do not care, do you? It is a constant war. I do not know if I love you or if I hate you. There will never be a firm answer on that. Not for me. ...
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    The whole situation is just like weird. I miss him, I truly do. I am not really sure what aspect in particular, but I do know I miss him. Which I guess is a normal part of a break up. Our drive was not long nor short; it still wore down the tires. But the ...
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    I close my eyes, I see myself in the mirror. Reflecting back is all I wish not to see. I stare at my walk to school this morning– oh, how the deceptive sun convinced me not to bring a jacket. Oh, how the trees overcame the crash of the wind, but I still felt its ...
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    I’ve had a few experiences lately that have taught me a lot about life. One was a lunch at Friendly’s with my mother, my sister, and my sister’s boyfriend. The other was watching what appeared to be the final season of Girl Meets World, though I am hoping it comes back. Let’s go back to ...
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    I am Catholic. What does that mean, especially this time of year? This time of year, is the Lenten Season, beginning on February 14 as Ash Wednesday, and ending three days before Easter. Ash Wednesday is the day after Mardi Gras’ Fat Tuesday. This year, Easter is Sunday, April 1. The Lenten Season lasts six-weeks, ...