• Two demons & a pumpkin

    Brisk winds propel two demon spirits as they soar through the moonlit skies. Tony and Frank howl and guffaw on their journey toward a Halloween party hosted by the living. The uninvited fiends delight in their annual mission of claiming the soul of a human. They whiz downward through the clouds to glimpse the sparsely ...
  • Monster Red Eyes Aggressive Fangs Tooth Evil

    Josephine Blaise picks up a black eyeliner from her makeup counter. I need to make these eyebrows darker. And now, for the eyes. She thought while moving the brush down to her lashes. I need smokier gray eyeshadow. “Looking good,” Josephine says leaning back to study both eyes. Blood red lipstick will look great. Josephine scratches ...
  • https://images.pexels.com/photos/420308/pexels-photo-420308.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&h=350

    **Trigger Warning: The following fictional work contains school violence, bullying, and murder.   Halloween is my favorite time of year. October is the only month out of the entire year that I feel like I can be myself. The other 11 months of the year, wearing black nail polish and obsessing over the latest season ...
  • Maxen

    Two dead oak trees obscure the old Victorian. Scads of tangled limbs allude to guarding the vacant structure, sending shivers up Sophia’s spine. She stares at the Gothic Revival opposite her new home. Mossy greens and hues of gray muddle its true coloring. She reaches into the U-Move it truck to retrieve her camera. Sophia’s ...
  • https://images.pexels.com/photos/236239/pexels-photo-236239.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&h=650&w=940

    While I was sipping chamomile tea from a styrofoam cup and lying on the mustard-colored couch during what my shirk had referred to as “one of our most productive sessions yet” in July, Laura and I decided that it was best for me to “unplug” for a little while. So after living off Ramen noodles ...
  • https://unsplash.com/photos/O33IVNPb0RI

    I spent weeks writing this short story. Editing and revising it, until it was crisp and polished. My instructor loved it. My peers loved it…hell, even my family loved it. I dig up the courage and I submit it to a magazine that publishes similar stories. Then, I wait with bated breath for three days. ...
  • 110

    I found a job on Craigslist. Now, before you judge me, please understand something: I am an unpaid intern and full-time college student. The holidays are coming up, I need money to buy presents and participate in holiday activities with my family this year. I found a job that offered almost $1,000 for house sitting ...
  • Dead trees

    Staring out her bedroom window, an ominous feeling grew in the pit of Anna’s stomach. She looked at the scene before her. Menacing flames from a recent forest fire threatened her residential community, but firefighters saved all homes. However, the inferno scorched nearby hillsides and distant mountains, leaving thousands of acres consumed from its feeding ...
  • 220

    When Angie put her key in the front door and opened it for the first time, she felt a presence. Strange. She carried her overstuffed suitcase and a little bit of fear over the threshold into her temporary home. This would be fine. She was only house sitting for the Debsons for the week, and she ...
  • 191

    The battery was dead. In a matter of seconds, all three cell phones were drained of their power. Mike looked up; daytime, but the overcast sky created an ominous canopy over the travelers. The road was a simple two-lane blacktop highway with very little traffic even though it should have been a busy time of ...