• Latern, dark, rain.

    Trigger Warning: The Following Story Contains Suicide And Mental Illness She was jolted out of bed by the fear that was pulsating deep within her soul. It was that voice of hers telling her to end it all, and it was just the beginning of the day. She handled her palpable terror in the darkness and ...
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    ***TRIGGER WARNING*** The following story relates to giving depression personification and hints at suicide. You are an odd human, but it’s to my knowledge most if not all humans are. But you my dear are my only human being why I don’t know and you’re a particularly sad one a lot of the time on the inside. I would ...
  • Success is being the hero of your life

    ** Trigger Warning** Mentions of Suicidal Thoughts and Bullying Someone suggested as a therapy exercise to write my story. However, there was a simple requirement. I had to make myself the strong heroine with a happy ending instead of playing the victim. It’s an exercise to battle negative self-image and self-talk. Here’s my story: As ...
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    A lot of folks are really angry about people making posts via social media that encourage reaching out for help, and providing resources such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Crisis Text Line. While I agree that we need to check in on our loved ones when we think they may be struggling, some ...
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    Trigger Warning: Suicide and Self Harm Dear Younger Self, You will be on a journey of learning your whole life. Along the way, there will be tears, great friends, betrayal, suicidal thoughts, and support. You will go through a lot of hard times, but the good times will make the hard times worth it. You ...
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    ***Trigger Warning: Article Contains Suicide and Drug Use*** On April 25, 1989, at 5:17 a.m., my father placed a handgun in his mouth, pulled the trigger, and ended his life. He was forty-five years old. His forty-sixth birthday was only twenty-three days away. My younger brother’s thirteenth birthday was only five days away. Unlike some ...
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    Physician-assisted suicide is only legal in a handful of states, and most of society seems to be firmly opposed to allowing an individual the right to make decisions concerning when and how their life should end. Regardless of the symptoms that the ill person is having, how much they are suffering, or how deteriorated their ...
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    “We all want to be, want to be somebody Right now, we’re just looking for the exit.”   Many people experiencing depression, mental illness or suicidal feelings are feeling alone. They feel like an outcast, like they don’t matter, like they are not providing anything positive to society and that the world would be better ...
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    Suicide. When you see this word you may feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed with emotions, or even confused. With the recent suicide of Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, it’s important we learn the basics of suicide and how we can prevent it.  Chester was a famous singer, married, and had beautiful children. Take a moment ...
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    Days bright Shining light Confines you as you walk Talk to your invisible friends Sweet satisfaction never ends The vultures circle around you Their forced smiles cloud you Your judgement is bound to you Like the corset that surrounds you Lips stained red with lies Eyes as black as your heart Real or fake you ...