• 225

    The earliest stirrings of spring but the flowers are still closed, waiting. You feel you are waiting, too.   The light breeze wraps you up, content. You breathe with the wind and for the first time, there’s hope again.   When the flowers bloom you will too, When the grass grows greener you will let ...
  • Changing Seasons of Life

    The 21st tells me to change. Nature isn’t as exact. The struggle of two seasons begins With the new pushing the old away.   The old life struggles for relevancy. Darkness pervades, Darkness prevails! Temperatures fluctuate As Mother Nature brings on the cold.   My soul hangs on tight… To warm, sensuous days. The grip ...
  • 1072

    Another day of arctic temperatures, stuck in the house, curtains closed, lights on and the television blaring in the background.  This is the daily living situation in Wisconsin in the dead of winter.  It is that time of the season that cabin fever tends to settle into my life.  As I look around at the ...