• Nighttime Woods Moon Tree Roots

    Nightfall brings unease and gloom, forcing chills down Gabby’s spine as she lays in bed. She hesitates to drift off to sleep on 13 Wistful Way, the house she inherited from her Aunt Kacie’s passing. Since moving into the lone home in the wooded area, Gabby experiences inexplicable sleep disturbances. Night terrors and episodes of ...
  • Fog, trees, partial house

    A blanket of fog fills the forest, reducing visibility for Grant and Tessalyn as they hike deep within. The dense haze piques the curiosity of the newly-dating couple, so they trudge on. But their enthusiasm soon turns to trepidation as they realize they’re lost.  Grant treks alongside Tessalyn while observing the invasive murk; it conceals ...
  • 157

    “NOW!” the stranger yelled at Mike and his team as all three watched the ragged man sprint toward the falling beast. Reina could see a thick tree branch crafted into a weapon in his right hand. An animal so top-heaving, so large, coarse, and threatening, cannot regain its footing when it is interrupted mid run, ...
  • Cemetery, Nightfall, Entity

    ** Trigger Warning – Physical abuse/attack, Death/loss ** Lindsey’s friends warn her to stay out of the old cemetery when night falls on Hallows Eve. They claim it becomes a spiritual conduit and that a malicious entity appears. She ponders whether or not to heed her friends’ warnings as she maneuvers her red Jeep along ...
  • Two demons & a pumpkin

    Brisk winds propel two demon spirits as they soar through the moonlit skies. Tony and Frank howl and guffaw on their journey toward a Halloween party hosted by the living. The uninvited fiends delight in their annual mission of claiming the soul of a human. They whiz downward through the clouds to glimpse the sparsely ...
  • 144

    “Jesus Christ, I didn’t want you to choke the kid. Just fuck him up a little bit.” Another man emerged from the couch in the living room. His blonde hair was slicked back perfectly, and with his all black everything outfit, he looked like he just stepped out of Cry Baby. “Well, ‘fuck him up ...
  • Maxen

    Two dead oak trees obscure the old Victorian. Scads of tangled limbs allude to guarding the vacant structure, sending shivers up Sophia’s spine. She stares at the Gothic Revival opposite her new home. Mossy greens and hues of gray muddle its true coloring. She reaches into the U-Move it truck to retrieve her camera. Sophia’s ...
  • 552

    “Why?” I shrugged at Jenna in response. I bent down and squinted, studying the brick wall once more. I was hoping the letters would change, that somehow, I’d misread the large and blotchy message spray painted in red. The words blurred as tears filled my eyes. These weren’t tears of sorrow, though. I wasn’t sad, ...
  • http://avlisoiram.blogspot.com/2016/09/betrayal-or-80-of-her-life.html

    Where the hell is Sherry? John thought to himself. It wasn’t like her to be quite so late. We had plans. This is quite strange for her to forget. Hell, she keeps me in line. The high mechanical sound of the doorbell cut through his thoughts. Who the hell is that? Wait, maybe she lost ...
  • http://blog.psychics.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/vanishing-hitchhiker.jpg

    Tom hated driving alone, especially at night. He hated the lull of an open road and soft music. Lost in his own thoughts, an old tune came on the radio, its soft melody lulling him to sleep. It was in that moment that time seemed to stand still, and the whole world froze in place. ...