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    Ricochet: a verb meaning to bounce off something at an angle.  When it comes to firearms, a ricochet can be dangerous and deadly. When it comes to life, it can go either way. A verbal “bullet” will always be deflected in one way or another. A bad relationship can ricochet emotional baggage into every relationship ...
  • Editing Red Pencil

    I’ve been chronicling my experience with editing here at Coffee House Writers with some of my past articles. “Starting Over: Mirroring Kristin Cashore’s Writing of Bitterblue” was about how rewriting the whole story was my original plan. “An Editing Process for Pantsers” mentioned a very analytical way of evaluating each scene and figuring out whether ...
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    Today, I became the girl reading a book in a bar. It’s not something I ever saw myself doing… truth be told, I’ve found myself doing more than I ever imagined lately. But that’s the beautiful thing about being alone. There’s a Kelly Clarkson lyric that goes, “You try to break me but you see, ...