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    I long for that place. You know, the one where everything fades away and you are left with just Your mind and a blank page. Anything is possible. Dragons, Dungeons, Magic Potions Love, Friendship, Soul Mates Aliens, Spacecraft, Time Travel Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction Vast as an ocean, Endless as a torrential rain. Filling your ...
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    The ocean waves softly roaring- The chair in the corner where I dream. The bright blue sky and the cool breeze- The desk by the window where I write.   I flash back to those happy summer days…   The sun warms my shoulders and my hair blows in the wind, tickling my back. I ...
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    The sheer prodigious of New Mexico became apparent to me as we drove down route 380. I spent many summers as a child in Ruidoso, New Mexico, but it was this particular trip that truly made me appreciate the beauty of this mysteriously vast terrain. My mom and niece picked me up from Albuquerque Airport ...