• Black Pellet Chick

    Sunlight bright,the air brisk,snow blanketsthe dead, frozen ground. I shuffle through the gateway ofAmerica’s famous farm store.My love goes one way,I dodder the other. There,in the middle aisle,two galvanizedwater troughs,filled with colorful pullet chicks.Heat lamps warmingtheir tiny bodies. It is there,Little baby,your fragile body coveredwith fluffy black feathers, you lay,gasping for air. Your trough mates,peck ...
  • Christmas

    Reindeer prance to Winter’s dance, Making beautiful arcs in the sky. They leap, they glide, They soar, they fly.   In wake of the bright moonlight, They guide a magical sleigh. They’re swift, they’re lithe, They’re jolly, they’re gay.   Alighting on each rooftop, They help deliver bundles of joy. Each girl, each boy, Receives ...
  • Winter Bridge

    Cold temperatures, lethargy, Snow that blankets everything. Only deeper as the season continues, Barricading in the safety of isolation.   Excavating the emotional avalanche Like brushing feet of snow off the windshield Chipping away at ice, the shell of protection, Reopening emotions.   Potholes deeper, cracking souls. Patches of asphalt fill holes. Temporary fix. If unattended, ...
  • https://pixabay.com/en/geranium-flower-red-flower-plant-2923711/

    Desolate, blank A canvas primed True colors covered Under an undyed wool blanket. Then a soft lover’s kiss Tingles the skin, Melts the shell, Life’s hues bursting. Blazing rays, Eyes opened, Smiles dance, Appetite ignites. Welcoming the fervor once again.
  • Changing Seasons of Life

    The 21st tells me to change. Nature isn’t as exact. The struggle of two seasons begins With the new pushing the old away.   The old life struggles for relevancy. Darkness pervades, Darkness prevails! Temperatures fluctuate As Mother Nature brings on the cold.   My soul hangs on tight… To warm, sensuous days. The grip ...
  • 555

    The cold West Virginia wind sweeps down the mountainside through swaying pine trees as a panther’s lonesome cries collide with the icy wind causing a chill tingling up her spine. Stars twinkle in the night sky as clouds overtake them. Her pregnant body clumsy on the freshly fallen snow. She tries to bring warmth back ...
  • winter, trees, sunrise, landscape

    the end is near and yet we can see the line i wonder, do you hear? the whispers so fine softly the thickness coats the town fluffy and white in all its glory in the coldness, we drown waiting for the ending of the story it’s supposed to be a special time of peace and ...
  • 958

    Another day of arctic temperatures, stuck in the house, curtains closed, lights on and the television blaring in the background.  This is the daily living situation in Wisconsin in the dead of winter.  It is that time of the season that cabin fever tends to settle into my life.  As I look around at the ...