What our writers are saying…


“It’s so rewarding being part of a team that has the best interest of their writers in mind. The editors support and encourage our creativity, and they strive to make us the best writers we can be. More importantly, we are allowed to be who we are!” – Lindsay Parker


“Coffee House Writers is a supportive place to grow as a writer and as a person.” – Christopher C. Bartlett


“Coffee House Writers gives their writers the freedom to write and the chance for them to shine.” – Tracie Hicks


Coffee House Writers is a place where you can write without judgment. It’s a place to express yourself and say what’s on your mind. CHW is filled with wonderful, supportive, talented individuals who encourage one another in their goals of being a writer. It allows you to write about things you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable writing about elsewhere and it gives you the chance to explore and write about topics you otherwise wouldn’t. It’s as if I’ve found a second family.” – Gabby Davis


I love the sense of community at Coffee House Writers. We all see each other as a family, support each other’s writing and give insight to challenge each other. All of our work as a team and our three magnificent leaders, Jess Knueppel, Caitlin Haines and Alexandria Pallat, only motivate me to do better. I love working with everyone on our team and love being a part of a group who truly works as one. We are a family!” – Sylvia Stein


Coffee House Writers has supported and encouraged my writing, given me a community of friends, and has made me truly fall in love with storytelling. I love being part of such an encouraging community of writers! They have really challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and grow in more ways than one.” – Caitlin Haines


“Coffee House Writers is a great place to learn and grow as a writer because of the great support from editors and other writers. I love the supportive group of writers and the judgement-free zone that Coffee House Writers provides!” – Alexandria Pallat


“Coffee House Writers has given me a place to feel at home. I believe that because of the love and support that Coffee House Writers has given me, I have been able to flourish as a writer and become a better person.” – Keely Messino


“It’s a great feeling to be a part of a team that lifts you up with helpful praise and critiquing, instead of knocking you down! Coffee House Writers is a group of very talented writers and editors! I am proud to be a part of this team!” – Diane Tilley


Coffee House Writers is a wonderfully fun team of diverse and talented writers who motivate, inspire, and help you grow as a person as well as a writer.” – Chasity Gaines


“I couldn’t be more proud and honored to be a member of this passionate writing community. The leaders are amazing, everyone is really supportive, and the environment is encouraging. Definitely a place to make new friends, network, grow as a writer and gain real world experience.” – Carissa Laryea


Coffee House Writers offers me the freedom to write from my heart to the hearts of others.” – Trease Hinton


Coffee House Writers is a great community of supportive, talented writers. Everyone is genuine and so willing to help each other and it’s the perfect place to grow as a writer.” – Melanie Blackman


“I’ve found a second family in the team I work with at Coffee House Writers.” – Rachael Sparks


“Coffee House Writers is a positive community of writers freely sharing their voice and stories, as well as gaining growth and support of their craft.” – Joanne Eskreis


“This is an amazing group of passionate and caring writers. The topics written come from the heart and are relatable. The depths of the human condition are explored and shared. I am grateful to be part of this writing community.” – Pam Acker


“Coffee House Writers has given me a chance at my dreams of becoming a writer. I love the support I have while being apart of their team.” – Tylia Flores


Coffee House Writers provides new and existing writers with a means of publication for all genres. As a free media outlet, writers are able to build their portfolio, share their works in a community full of support and constructive criticism, and become inspired by fellow authors. Finding CHW has renewed my passion for creative writing, as I am finally connected with others experiencing similar triumphs and tribulations.” – Walter Freeman


“Writing for Coffee House has been absolutely amazing. I’ve had a wonderful editor, Tracie Hicks, who has been extremely supportive and is always there to offer any resources she can. Jess Knueppel is also amazing. Coffee House is more than a team, it’s a family for her and she’s always thinking of ways to make it run more like one. I am an editor of my own team within the publication, as well as a poetry editor. I wouldn’t trade the experience that I have had with these writers and wonderful people for the world. Everyone is supportive, inclusive, and we all just want each other to grow-as writers, within the industry, and as people. That is something that you simply can’t find anywhere else!” – Jessica Willing


“What do I love about Coffee House Writers, you might ask? I love having an opportunity to write what I want to write, get feedback from an awesome editor, and publish it on a platform that helps establish myself as a writer.” – J.C. Ballard


“This has been one of the best experiences I have taken for my writing career thus far. I love the support and friendship I have found with CHW, as well as growing as a writer/poet. Jess Knueppel and her amazing team of writers and editors are phenomenal. I am so fortunate to be a part of something this awesome, I am even prouder and honored to say, that ‘I write for Coffee House Writers!’ I can’t wait to see what will happen for all of us!” – Jessica Niziolek


“I’m pleased to write with this publication! They’re amazing!” – Amanda Denman


“What I love about Coffee House Writers is being a part of a community of like-minded people who encourage and support each other.” – Judy Conti


“This group is full of heart and have a deep passion for telling stories. I’m proud to be a part of this special group of writers who welcome those with the same passions with open arms. What I love about CHW is that it is such a safe learning space. We are one big family who helps each other and supports each other’s growth as writers and editors.” – Lisa Mildon


“I love the freedom CHW entails. CHW gives writers the room to explore topics of their choosing all with the help of an incredible team that only wishes to further enhance yourself as a writer.” – Aylin Cedillo


“On CHW, I feel as though I am able to honestly express myself without negative judgement. I continue to experience a boost in my confidence the more I write and interact within my supportive network. With the opportunity to choose my own topics, I find myself gaining a chance to inform my audience about my lifestyle in a way that is healthy and positive. We need more happiness and tolerance in this world, and CHW is the tool I use to spread it!” – Sam Straughan


“I love the positive work environment and the freedom to write about whatever we want. It’s so freeing to be a part of this fabulous group of writers.” – J.M. Cools


“What I love about CHW is that it is giving me the opportunity to work with some amazing people and hone my craft while I’m still in school. It’s been a great learning experience and has helped me to become a better writer.” – Josephine Green


“I personally love how supportive everyone has been to me and my work at CHW. We have a great team and I feel grateful to have been able to watch other new writers join the team. I have made a lot of wonderful friends while here, and I’m glad I get to work so closely with each of them.” – Juliana Ruggiero


“What I love the most about CHW is that they accepted me into their inclusive community of writers. Since I started with CHW, I have learned a lot about the writing craft and the research involved to pen a good article. I have found writer friends and the confidence I needed to move my writing skills forward. Thanks CHW for all the support and guidance you offer. You have been an invaluable resource for me both as a writer and a reader. There are so many talented and dedicated writers on this team. I consider myself lucky to be counted among them.” – Ellwyn Autumn


“Coffee House Writers has helped me find my voice in writing and has inspired me to take my writing career on a serious level. CHW is such an amazing company to write for!” – Janeen Smith


“What I love about Coffee House Writers is the people that are enthusiastic to helping other writers grow their writing career. I love that there are so many great people in this organization that love to help others with their experience and knowledge. Having an editor has been especially helpful, as I know punctuation is one of my writing weaknesses. When I have doubts about my abilities as a writer, they are really great about helping with that moment of doubt, encouraging me to continue with my writing, and not get discouraged.” – Verona L. Jones