Coffee House Writers’ Book Club is the team’s newest adventure! Book Club focuses on helping our writers with the motivation and passion of reading. We encourage our writers to read the ‘book of the month’ and collectively discuss and analyze the work. 

Chelsea Wolfe

Book club leader, a woman wearing glasses

Chelsea Wolfe has earned a master’s degree in English & Creative Writing because of her love for all things storytelling. Her enjoyment in books has led her to have a passion for book clubs where she can discuss plots, storytelling, character development, and other story elements with others who have the same love. While she has a particular taste for New Adult, YA Fantasy, and Dark Romance, Chelsea believes it is necessary to read in every genre to improve a writer’s craft. Each month, she chooses books based on themes and common concepts in all genres. When she’s not reading, Chelsea can be found contemplating book ideas and plots, doing crafts with her kids, watching YouTube with her husband, recording podcast episodes, or playing outdoors with her dog.

You can find Chelsey’s writing on Coffee House Writers.

It was her chaos that made her beautiful


She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess half hell.

Nikita Gill