• rain drops in puddle

    The McCarthy house went quiet for the first time on Wednesday morning after the ambulances had gone. L sat at the kitchen counter, feeling her mother’s cries linger in the walls. Felicity tiptoed down the stairs after checking if Greg and Isabella were still asleep, then took a chair at the kitchen table opposite Carson ...
  • train tracks

    R felt the blood on his face as the train horn roared over his head. The shock from the fall lingered in his feet and ankles as he tumbled down the grassy hill and into the woods, the brush scraping his limbs. His heart slammed against his chest. Even as the sound of the horn ...
  • rain on window with trees in background

    The rain slowed, giving way to a heavy mist that hung in the oaks. Puddles formed along the walkway leading up to the McCarthy house. L aimlessly stuck the toes of her shoes into the puddles, watching the ripples. She thought about wandering back inside just to get her book, but then she thought about ...