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    Trying to protect the people you love the most from those that insist on manipulation How do you even warn them when that person claims to be their best friend It is so clear I can see what he is playing at but how can I keep you safe without ruining what you have in ...
  • An open book with an orange maple leaf on top

    Seeing moments Slip past your grasp That you wish could last Forever   Trying to make those moments As good And as memorable as possible   Sometimes I struggle With that drive To make everything as perfect As possible     Logically I understand that Perfection doesn’t exist None of that Stops my pursuit of ...
  • Wild Lupines

    I am working from home to build my business. It takes a lot of time and energy. When I schedule some time away to be at social events or with friends, I try to make it enjoyable. I look forward to catching up with my friends when our paths cross. If there is time for ...
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    Valentine’s Day is officially over. People either love or hate the holiday of love; for me personally, I do enjoy the holiday and I love spending time with my guy, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if the holiday disappeared. But it’s the day before that I totally look forward to. I absolutely love my girlfriends. ...