• tarot cards

    Excitement built in the air, so thick that you could taste it. Some might say you could even eat it. Today was the day that everyone wanted to be here, to be a part of it all – to celebrate. Today was the day that they welcomed new members into the clan. Everyone crowded into ...
  • fractal space

    Having fled to my room to think about my previous actions, I felt lost. There was no doubt that I was confused or that I had no idea what was going on. However, that did not excuse my behavior, and I knew that. As I cried myself to sleep, I knew that a line had ...
  • winter

    the end is near and yet we can see the line i wonder, do you hear? the whispers so fine softly the thickness coats the town fluffy and white in all its glory in the coldness we drown waiting for the ending of the story it’s supposed to be a special time of peace, quiet, ...
  • crying

    I had a job on the ship now. The one task that I could complete to pass the time until we arrived at our final destination. Taking a deep breath, I tried to center myself from the fear that had taken root. You see, I may be the princess of Caesar Seven, but there were ...
  • space console

    Being able to get the thoughts and feelings that were running through my head on paper was exhilarating. The weight that settled on my chest lifted. I could breathe again, if only slightly better. My mind allowed me to sleep peacefully for the first night in a good long while. I never knew how much ...
  • push

    I see you there watching me from afar with my body worn and my heart ripped you come and find me as if you knew something better maybe you do or perhaps you don’t either way, you push me into believing in you it’s wrong to do so you cannot be trusted it’s not my ...
  • journaling

    Standing here in my room, I wondered what I was going to do next. It was clear that someone on this ship was attempting to take care of me. I would thank whoever it was. I needed to; it was the only thing that made this situation more bearable. Politeness and tolerance would get me ...
  • concentric circles

    time encapsulated warmth embraced love harnessed chaos reigns death begins life ends swirling mists dancing starts lights twinkle in the din of silence everything around us kaleidoscope of image stand your ground break away cry for shelter welcome the rain so many opportunities so little time concentric circles we all become never ending never beginning ...
  • scandinavian room

    I must have dozed off because when I awoke next, there were things in the room with me. Lying at the foot of the bed was a set of towels and wash rags — all in a beautiful ice blue. On top were soap, shampoo, and various other items, I would need to clean up ...
  • heartbreak

    how can you pretend to care so much when all are lies that flow eloquently from your tongue tell me this now is this trip important what will you find there the answers you seek or the death that you deserve can’t you see that your holy city nothing more than rubble your leader is ...