• oroborus

    With the cycle of the worldlife cycles from life to deathnew to old rusty to shine For too long they forget the tiny detailsfocus solely on the larger scalebut it’s the little things that matter The smell of flowers on a spring morningThe water dripping from the leaves The soft buzzing of the bees The ...
  • Shimmering water

    Rising, clinging to the sea wall Mammoth Barnacle has been stepping up to see One’s light. Deep down below in the sea of seas, tiny jellyfish Pinks has the same idea. She stretches her tentacles, touches one of the steps of Mammoth. Mammoth’s nerves send a current down Pinks’ arm-like tentacles. Pinks retreats. Thinking of ...
  • Halloween Picture

    Ramon A harsh raspy voice repeats my name; the house knows I’m here. Does it also comprehend why I’m here? It doesn’t matter; I will investigate when I’m ready and not on its terms. With that thought in mind, I ignore the call upstairs and finish unpacking. There is another bedroom on the ground floor, ...
  • Hore Abby

    Snow lay heavy on the ground around their shop, but the cold hardly touched them inside despite the cracked door. Ingrid sat in front of the hearth and warmed her hands while she stirred a bubbling concoction in the pot. As she worked, she hummed.  It was the first night of Yule. A fire was ...
  • clouds in the sky

    I flymy kitesky highand cry“Bye-bye, bright knight!”and sigh. My eyesdrip dryin spiteof rite. And Ishyeyes dry,smile – “Bright knightDeep skyawaits thee –fly.”
  • Tree roots

    I can’t record audiobooks in this country because of my heavy accent.   When I audited for an organization I support, they said, “In America We employ American accents.”   I said, “I’m an American. My accent is American,” but they wouldn’t hear me.   I have such a lovely voice – Loud, Affirmative Expressive. ...
  • Shattered glass pieces

    In a faraway land called Afghanistan, I hear her break his wine goblet, shattering the bowl to tiny bits. Bouncing, ricocheting off surfaces, broken pieces scatter to places unseen. He bellows, blames, name calls her. She screams back. Her voice, strong and bold echoes through the walls. Every crawling ant stops. He uses his hands ...
  • Oil Lamp in dark room

    Dear Danny, I know your new residence is not far from here. I’m afraid “Here” happens to be the courthouse lockup. Yep! I am under arrest. But I am innocent, as you know, I wouldn’t hurt a fly. It was not my fault that the drunk’s jaw accidentally connected with my fist just before he ...
  • Table at the center of the interrogation and maybe more.

    Stepping Out of the Shadows Crime will become so rampant by 2050 that most of humanity retreats into virtual reality. Lack of participation in governments grew, and those in power began cracking down to lower crime. This becomes harsher and impedes people’s freedoms. As a result, humanity retreats in increasing numbers. Though some choose to ...
  • Snow

    Still Blessed  I am always stressedI’m completely a hot messBut I still feel blessed Your Star  I hope you still knowYou always make my heart glowYour star in the snow