• Halloween Picture

    Seeing my unaged brother at Mr. Keith’s house sends me into denial. I know it’s impossible, but my eyes tell me otherwise. My brother stands in the window, staring at me, or is he? I don’t know, but somehow the house is involved. I’m sure of that, and, starting today, I’ll ferret out every secret ...
  • Beloved in night comforts

    I have given Did I ever give enough? Was there any more to give?  I received  Every gilded ounce Were her frayed fragments Ever enough What is enough? What is fair? What is the difference? Between giving And caring 
  • old shack in the forest

    Content Warning: Drug Use “Alright, so we agree that there’s more shit goin’ on than meets the eye on this plane of existence,” Tim said before he took another drag of the joint and passed it over to Declan. The two friends sprawled comfortably on the floor of the old farmhouse shack they’d laid claim ...
  • Lake Shore

    When searching for my biological family, people asked me, ‘what are you looking for? They wanted to understand what motivated me, but I wasn’t sure.  In the early days of searching, I had wanted to locate my biological family and know who they were. It would be a bonus if I could have a relationship ...
  • fern forest creek

    The setting sun sent a beam of light shooting through the hole in the top of the dark cavern where Jason had just fallen into. Somehow, he managed not to break anything, though a faint ringing filled his ears. The shouts of the bullies in search of him faded into the distance as the last ...
  • Hollow Moon

    Esk jumped at the thought waves being broadcasted by the collective consciousness. Slithering out of the glucose bath...
  • The Sky

    Today I traveled to the stars and touched the outer limits of the universe’s Milky Way. There I opened a magical storybook that traversed the mysteries of my bedazzled mind.My unraveled visions were impelled by a strong solar storm originating in the Atlantic Ocean, from beyond the windswept Isle of Wight. Then within my perceptive ...
  • flower

    The flower was crumbling moment by moment. My wrinkles got deeper year after year, And yet, my husband saw nothing but beauty. My child missed the target again and again, Despair crawled up her face. All I saw was her determination to succeed. God showed me a torn, corrupted world full of anguish and despair. ...
  • pocketwatch, grains of sand.

    Take a look around youDo you see the hidden secrets?The whispers on the wind? The loneliness in the dusk? All around usThese are the signs that we cannot seeThe subtle way the world shiftsAlerting us to its woes Each moment is tinyThe size of a grain of sandYet, each so impactfulAs to change the course ...

    She gave her birth, breathed life into her. Fed, caressed, soothed, punished. Comforted again. She got her to believe in all things unreal or what seemed real. But today, child’s grown enough to be self-reliant. She needs no womb, no feeds, nor caresses. Her own strength guides her, and she forms her own beliefs. Mother ...