• Cosmic Sundial

    The universe is timeless  And the forces of nature Do not hear The Cosmic Sundial  The stars are limitless Nature’s Kingdom Shall remain animated  Our planet is blameless  We are impudent And unrepentant Destiny and shame await 
  • Leaves from a tree and a setting sun

     The leaves Azure and emerald Mother Nature’s Tear droplets of joy Daintily dangle Above sacred ground And faithfully Await baptism By cascading sunshine Thereafter The anointed leaves Eternally replenish Mother Nature’s  Earthly goblet With liquid hues Of azure and emerald 
  • Outer Space

    there is inner space  and there is outer space I like to travel in both places life is not a race my database  is my bookcase   I have yet to embrace  the coalface  face to face  and this human race  has misplaced  the meaning of grace  and lost the paper chase  to the corporate greed of cyberspace    tonight, I’m flying to inner space  aboard my “Itmims” spacecraft  to ...
  • Hearing

    Do you peer through the blinds? Did you peek and wonder? About the empty street outside Why is every morning like Sunday? A solemn quietness amplified  Do you listen to the bells chime? Did you hear your silent number? Ring from the phone-box outside Is the world in a slumber? Waiting, forlornly mystified
  • Desert horizon at Dawn

    The stolen world of silenceLingers above the cloudy skiesAnd lays below the oceans murky wavesBeyond the reach of humanities deadly violence While the wonder of life dwells in dreamsTo wander on the edges of nature’s endless seamsOf distant horizons and rainbow beams
  • The strong undertows at Barwon Heads

    Time hears no commandThe sky is our blue grandstandOverseeing oceans and landsAs the sun warms our silent clock hands The seasons come and goSpringtime melts the snowNature’s seeds germinate and growAnd our rivers of life continue to flow Has mankind become a pantomime show?And Forgotten to ask the owls and crowsHow to fly through?The bad ...
  • Blonde lady at bar

    Trigger Warning: Stalker “Hi, Veronica,” the bartender said as I sat down on the old rickety stool  I had become fond of over the last year, grad school was taking its toll on me.  After being turned down for several jobs, I found myself taking comfort in my good old friend, Jack Daniels. “The usual?” ...
  • summer, tree, grass

    1. sunlight pours  through a curtained window – he sighs 2. she moans: her skin sweats in summer’s heat 3. she rubs  her abdomen and whispers a name 4. a child’s laughter echoes across shuttered doors 5. fires burn, people stand on the side of the road 6. she sobs on my shoulder – the ...
  • 2473

    For as long as I can remember, I have cared about the environment and all living creatures. I was that child who would see the World Wildlife Fund commercials about the endangered animals and cry. I signed up for my first email account when I was 11-12, and shortly after that I started subscribing to ...