• Stone Wall Wild Flowers

    When I started the search for my biological roots, I was innocent and naïve. It hadn’t crossed my mind that my family would deny and reject me. I thought the most significant hurdle would be just locating them. I had little information; being adopted was like that. It was the proverbial needle in the haystack.  ...
  • Hearing

    Do you peer through the blinds? Did you peek and wonder? About the empty street outside Why is every morning like Sunday? A solemn quietness amplified  Do you listen to the bells chime? Did you hear your silent number? Ring from the phone-box outside Is the world in a slumber? Waiting, forlornly mystified
  • Wildfire spreading across brush

    If you are a Californian, you know what is coming. For Manhattan dwellers, it is Central Park strolls with the first nips in the air. For Michiganders, it is the leaves in every variation of red, orange, and yellow, a spell of seasonal transformation that lasts a few fleeting weeks. For most, it is the ...
  • Lifeguard Station

    How strange it is that we can meet someone at the park, work, and school and quickly become friends. Before that moment, this person was a stranger. You realize everything you have in common through communication, time spent together, and a friendship blooms.  Before you know it, you are exchanging birthday gifts, sharing vacations, and ...
  • Desert horizon at Dawn

    The stolen world of silenceLingers above the cloudy skiesAnd lays below the oceans murky wavesBeyond the reach of humanities deadly violence While the wonder of life dwells in dreamsTo wander on the edges of nature’s endless seamsOf distant horizons and rainbow beams
  • Earth in peril.

    Launch away from the noise of the blue-green land,from an earth engulfed in hate.Launch away from the streets with doors locked tight,from the fights that wait at the gate. Launch away from the eyes that have grown so cold,that clutch us in fear like a vise.Launch away from the mobs that raze and that torch,and ...
  • brown and red bricks in a pattern

    As soon as Jasper had regained both his composure and his feet, the caretaker turned towards Zoe, and it felt like time stood still.  She met his mesmerizing gaze and instinctively knew he was much more significant than a gardener.  “You’re beginning to see,” the caretaker said with a wink. “That apron looks good on ...
  • woman standing in front of mirror, leaning up against it face first

    Paintook up residencewithout permissionstealing everythingit came in contactwith including myDreams. Lostin despair’s dark lairembers spark to flamefear whispers liesinto both my earsstirring latent fearsFury. Timein kaleidoscopic hazeneurologic degradationinterlocked nerves sparkingtriggering spastic legs intoSpasm. Firetormenting burning paininvading each cellas inflammationseizes the knees firststealing my balanceAgain. Walkerwheels keep me movingwhile fatigue assaultstwin torturers nowtraumatizing losscruel limits resetting ...
  • Stone path with green grass and trees

    Zoe got up and paced. “The only thing I could let you into would be the garden. No, not the ones you saw as you drove up… the one that is hidden. That’s my family’s legacy, only it’s the women in my lineage who have been the keepers of the key - I am the ...
  • The strong undertows at Barwon Heads

    Time hears no commandThe sky is our blue grandstandOverseeing oceans and landsAs the sun warms our silent clock hands The seasons come and goSpringtime melts the snowNature’s seeds germinate and growAnd our rivers of life continue to flow Has mankind become a pantomime show?And Forgotten to ask the owls and crowsHow to fly through?The bad ...