• an image of a green dragon serpent made of mosaic stones with sharp teeth

    Shedding scales And gnawing claws: A toothy yawn, In a late-night glow– I’ll never get it all done! Why, oh why Did I wait so long? Let it grow and grow– This hoard of to-dos And TBRs– Unread texts And emails, Lost to the ages– If I sleep, I’ll lose the gold And if I ...
  • A Christmas table featuring bread, peppermint, string casserole, roast, pie cake, pinecones, holy berries and mac and cheese.

    It’s Christmas day, and as the kids grumble about the gifts they didn’t receive, you’re in the kitchen, surrounded by the sharp aroma of minced onions while completing the repetitive task of removing the thick, robust skin of the potatoes. The kitchen is filled with the pungent and sweet fragrance of herbs as the flavors ...
  • woman under moon phases

    It's time to find your magic.
  • a woman in a white mask with red lips wearing a fancy black dress with roses and furs

    At face, I fit into every space But my heart, it’s Ember and Rose Squall and Night Memento Monster Serpent and Wand Mori, Vivere Thaumaturgic Grace
  • mysterious woman at desk

    Beware the woman who patiently waits...
  • Forest surroundings

    Content warning: This story contains Restricted (R) content, including intense violence, physical abuse, and trauma. This story is written for an adult audience. Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, as none of the content is my original work. The characters are created by Stephen King and J.R.R Tolkien. The content belongs to MGM and ...
  • moon and cloudy night sky

    I am lying on the bedcovers, my white dressing gown glowing in the moonlight spilling from the open window. A slight breeze swirls the curtains and a chill runs down my spine. My chest rises and falls as if I had just run across the lawn of Longbourn. A few moments of silence pass when ...
  • Mountain side cliff

    Content Warning: This story contains Restricted content including intense violence, physical abuse, traumaThis story is written for an adult audience. Savior The end was drawing near for Carrie White. Pitch black enveloped her with enough intense strength to surround her. It suffocated Carrie, this advanced darkness. It began to fill the depths inside and embraced ...
  • woman with horns crawling through forest

    You stole my Voice— Devoured it like a chocolate cookie, Secretly snatched before dinner. But it didn’t spoil your appetite— You yearned for more. So you helped yourself to my Strength— Chewing every crumb, Rolling it with your tongue, Into a cream-and-spit mash. Yet you still hungered, And swallowed my Compassion— Washing it down Like a ...
  • Hallway

    When I see youDo I see you? When I hear youDo I listen to you? Am I the only one here?Is it all my reflection? I want to break the mirrorbut the mirror is my reflection, When I break itI see another mewatching me I don’t want to be alone.I want you to join me. ...