• Plantation home with long driveway

    Ralph stood at the top of the staircase, with a sense of enthusiasm, holding his golf shoes and glove. “Weren’t you in the parlor a minute ago?” I glanced up at him. “What? No. I have a tee time at nine. After last night’s shenanigans, I’m running late. What did you want to talk about? ...
  • forest and fireflies with celtic folklore written

    Myths and legends are oral traditions passed down through the generations. This oral lore is something humans and cultures across the globe have in common. Tales of gods and goddesses. Nature, seasons, and animals. Fae folk and the Tuatha de Danaan. Rich fables weaved with superstitions, the Otherworld, and veils. Stories shared around fires or ...
  • South Dakota's Sica Hollow

    Every state has a cryptid; well, most states do. South Dakota, like Oregon and Nevada’s cryptid, is haunted land. Oregon has Crater lake, and Nevada has Pyramid lake. South Dakota has Sico Hollow. Sica Hollow state park, on the eastern slope of the Prairie Coteau Hills, is haunted. The state park has deep ravines and ...
  • Rhode Island's Vampire

    This week’s cryptid comes from the tiny state of Rhode Island. Well, it was supposed to be a cryptid. However, during my research, I came across a fascinating story.  New England got battered in the 1800s by Tuberculosis. Although, the New Englanders called it consumption. The deadly disease ate the life force of its victims. ...
  • dogman

    There have been Bigfoot sightings from all over the United States. It seems every state has a Bigfoot, which makes sense for the numerous sightings.  What is surprising is there is one cryptid that is reported more times than Bigfoot. This blaring statement came from an online news site, The Vintage News. Timera Media owns ...
  • Maryland's Snallygaster and Dwayyo

    Stationed at Ft. George G. Maryland in 1979, I never left Maryland after being discharged. I lived there for over twenty years, and I hadn’t heard of any Maryland cryptids. The only one I had heard of was Chessie, named after The Chesapeake Bay. Chessie looks a lot like The Loch Ness monster, AKA Nessie. ...
  • Rocky Mountain Nimerigar

    Two weeks ago, I wrote an article about the Illinois Wolfman, skipping Idaho.  I went back and researched Idaho for this week and found a great story. Early November, I had written an article titled Hawaii’s Little People. The article was on Hawaii’s Menehune, which is a civilization of pygmies. The story was when the ...
  • Full moon

    You know those necklaces the royals wear? You know where they come from? Legend has it that the Moon was bored with among the stars. She wanted a sense of adventure. Sure she was able to watch stars being born from great explosions of light, but once you saw that for millions of years you ...