• moths in shadow flying toward light magic realism

    Life thrives in color And lung and breath Memories through yarn Spun like candy floss. She was born in Silver And tarnish In the dark. Just one piece of a Whole. Which neither consumes Nor creates Just regurgitates. Sorrow is a mirror While peace is So shallow. To live is to exist And we all ...
  • Trees

    As rain drip drops in the woods, it fills my vessel. Nourishing leaves and roots, the pitter patter talks to me. And arouses sweet memories of MartaDi- my American born sister from another mother. She and I, swung this swing together. We crackled, rejoiced, and felt free to share our fondest little truths. She described ...
  • A foreign plant between a barbwire barrier and the highway

    Hello newcomer How long have you been there? A stranger in a strange land Standing alone on harsh ground Living between a barbwire barrier And an untraveled highway  Where do you come from? My coloured one Where are you going? Within our vast island home I wonder. Will you be accepted? By other pretentious squatters  With tolerance and compassion 
  • rain drops falling on a window

    Arms stretch upwards in a bid to form a shieldLegs pick up pace in search of saving sheltersShutters clap close to create a damJoyful screams echo from the lips of wet toddlers The rain is hereHer voice is the perfect harmony of baritone thunder and crackling strikesFrom the safety of my bedroom where I sitI ...
  • Pride flag

    Love is love. Lips upon lips, a sweet honey flavor. Hands are for holding, Fingers laced a lattice of belonging. Of care. Of love. No flesh for flames. No camouflage for the kaleidoscope, No wash of the colors. Because love is the heart of truth, And truth, the heart of love. So flutter the heart ...
  • Baking Bread

    The sugary sweetnessThe bitter yet necessary salt Blending with unique flourIntoxicating yeastFills the air Water combinesMolded by the powerOf unseen handsTo flatten the prideFor true strength to rise Placed in the oven Warmness overflowsPreparing the bodyFor the harshness outsideWith a crusty skinYet holding dearTo the softness withinAs a guideFor its existenceUntil darknessOpens it’s mouthTo finally ...
  • Person running

    I put feet to pavement.Rivulets of melted snowcascade in the gulley.I run at its paceadmiring the claritybeauty, and purityof the water.we both proceed swiftlyin the same direction. Motivation is fickle.Clear, blue skies lureme outside for a run.I crave sunshine and grapesI run toward Springbut the snow meltsaway from it.Still, we run in the same direction ...
  • 420

    I’ve no one to blameI supposebut myself.Isn’t that what they say?It’s my fault.I made the choicesI face the consequences. So this is how it goesI choose not to reach outbecause my hand wassummarily ignoredslapped awayand shushed.Weariness won, so Iretracted my hand. So this is how it goespieces of my life swirlinglike snow dusteach different, uniqueeach ...
  • 1424

    Fingertips of day are losing their grip. Pink horizons darken the sound of a saxophone fades. Stars poke through the black curtain like pinholes in the fabric of time, the moon hovers benign and besmirched its surface pocked and shaded.   Silence is golden.   But there will be no riches tonight screeching interrupts my ...
  • 966

    As the sun began to bleed  At dusk and the birds Gathered for the evening chorus, I began to wonder if this was A dream.   Your hands were so small, Your eyes never got to see  Pinks and reds of dawn,  Let alone this sunset, or a Full moon.   I had waited so ...