• Vampire Diaries Cast Tour

    To give you some background information, Paul Wesley is not the only celebrity I have met. In fact, I have met many celebrities over the years, given that I live in California. Some I have seen in concerts, or live events, and/or some that I ran into coincidentally.  The story about meeting Paul Wesley is ...
  • Los Angeles, United States

    As the coronavirus has hit the United States, the American economy has greatly affected many industries, especially Hollywood. In fact, Hollywood was one of the first industries to shut down entirely. Many events, such as film festivals, film and TV production, and concerts were put on pause, canceled, or postponed for at least two months, ...
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    California. Sandy beaches, temperate weather year-round, tech giants, and Hollywood. Many dream of a life in California, and the aspirations of an acting career or the next great tech startup. For some, it is lazy days laying out on the beach. Many say Californians are living the dream, but they couldn’t be more wrong. For ...
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    Does anyone else feel as though their heads are spinning from the number of sexual assault accusations in the news recently? Every single day we hear of someone being accused of inappropriate conduct, sexual assault, molestation, etc. Matt Lauer, Garrison Keillor. Nick Carter, which to be honest, broke my Backstreet Boys’ loving heart. Roy Moore. ...