• grief

    The interesting thing about urban legends is that no one knows how they get started. Yet, somehow they are born and bring fascinating history with them. I watched this television show, Mysteries Unknown, for the first time today; they featured a relatively unknown urban legend, “The Black Aggie.” If you ever decide to visit Washington, D.C., ...
  • yeti

    Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, and Grass Man are a few names we call this furry humanoid creature. There have been sightings all over the world. Videos have made their way onto Youtube and the internet. Most of the sightings in the states have come out of the Pacific Northwest. What many people don’t know ...
  • Blue Rose

    Content Warning: The following work of fiction contains themes of violence, distribution against the disabled, and child abuse. The story you are about to read is fictionalized. However, there are cases of children being subjected to unethical medical procedures and unfair treatment due to societal stigma.   Stella loved to listen to the rain hitting the ...
  • Rhode Island's Vampire

    This week’s cryptid comes from the tiny state of Rhode Island. Well, it was supposed to be a cryptid. However, during my research, I came across a fascinating story.  New England got battered in the 1800s by Tuberculosis. Although, the New Englanders called it consumption. The deadly disease ate the life force of its victims. ...
  • Deer Woman

    I write a weekly article on cryptids – monsters shouldn’t exist but do. The funny thing about these stories is where these stories originate. You wouldn’t think the state I write about would house that particular cryptid.  A case in point is an article I did titled, New York’s Champ. It’s about a Nessie-type monster haunting New ...
  • Ohio's Dogman

    I first heard of the Dogman when I researched Michigan’s legends. Then exploring Ohio, I learn that Ohio has either a Dogman or Werewolf. I thought how fascinating. Michigan and Ohio have Dog-like creatures running loose in their forests. It makes those stories more accurate because the sightings aren’t random. There have been so many ...
  • New York's Champ

    New York has two fascinating lake monsters worth writing about. I only have time this week to write about one, so I will be writing about ‘Champ.’ Champ haunts Lake Chaplain in upper New York. He shares similar characteristics with Nessie of Loch Ness monster fame. Like the Highlands of Scotland, the cities and towns ...
  • woods

    New Hampshire has dense woods that stretch for hundreds of miles. Cryptids would love hiding in these unexplored forests. So, it’s not surprising that stories of a Bigfoot-type creature do hide in these woods. The image selected is by Pixabay. Who are these creatures? Say hello to the Coos county wood devils, the sleeker, thinner ...
  • monster catfish

    When you hear people talk about Nebraska, the first thing I think of is Corn. I mean, even their basketball team is named the Cornhusker’s. What you don’t think of is Lake Monsters. Scotland has the Loch Ness Monster. Here in the United States, we have our share of lake monsters too. We have Chessie, ...
  • The Algonquin Wendigo

    Native American myths are persistent and difficult to debunk. The Navajo Skinwalker is one such myth. Traditionalist Navajos will not talk about the Skinwalker. They believe that to do so will attract its attention. The story goes that a Skinwalker is an evil medicine man that wants power. Power to be a shapeshifter and transform ...