• swing

    If you are in the mood to see something creepy one night, drive-by Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama. It is one of the most haunted cemeteries; well, the playground next to it is. Witnesses have reported seeing swings moving by themselves. Passerby’s had heard the laughter of children when there were no children. Visitors ...
  • Angel Statue

    Read more on my author page When Aidan got to work the next morning, he knew Richard’s seat would be empty, but he didn’t expect to see the rest of the seats unoccupied. Horatio stood in front of the large windows, gazing out over the city the way he always did during meetings. Without turning ...
  • Whiskey by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

    Read more on my author page Aidan waited patiently in front of Levi Court, a small cul-de-sac quietly tucked just outside the main metropolis. There were only four houses situated in the semi-circular residential street. Aidan paced, waiting for the note’s writer to arrive and hoping the homeowners weren’t going to call the cops on ...
  • 426

    A gust of wind blows dead leaves across the pavement, their crisp rattle drifting in the open air. The dark, moonless sky provides no light, and clouds cover the twinkling of stars. A blue Toyota Corolla parks in the otherwise deserted lot, the engine ticking as it cools from the long drive. “Are you sure ...
  • Black with Blood Red Text

    I’ve always loved Halloween! So when I saw the black and red advertisement on social media asking for haunted house people, I applied without a second thought. “Sign-ups for haunters—50 bucks a night, free pizza, and scare the shit out of people.” I left a note on the chalkboard: Mom, gone out. Might not be ...
  • girl in shadows

    Read Part One. “Jaeden?” Her friend stood frozen like her but within full view. Avry asked again, “What is it?” “It’s glass.” “What?” “Glass. I can see myself. I can…oh, my gods. Am I truly this beautiful?” “Jaeden, the sheet….” Avry whispered, her fist clenched the stained material, attempting to lift it up instead of ...
  • coffee shop

    Read more on my author’s page Aidan wasn’t expecting to see Cassidy outside his apartment. When their eyes met, she turned and walked away, but Aidan understood what she wanted without her having to utter a word. Keeping enough distance between them, he followed her to a coffee shop a few blocks north of his ...
  • skull in mirror

    “That’s the most dangerous place in the world, and you want to go inside; what, are you nuts?” Avry gripped her best friend’s arm, halting them in their attempt to approach the museum door. It stood abandoned, its concrete walls painted with graffiti. The afternoon shower painted the sky gray. The building blended in with ...
  • Alien, portal, Jill Yoder, horror, fantasy

    The path narrowed as she ran; her lungs burned with each breath. Then, up ahead, a steep incline appeared. She knew the area well enough and remembered there was a small, dark cave to take cover. With little time left for escape, Petra slid down the hill to the cave. Crouching in the darkest corner, ...
  • house keys

    Read more on my author page Aidan couldn’t shake the feeling he had after waking up. In some ways, he felt like a veil over his eyes had been lifted, but it still wasn’t clear what he was supposed to be seeing. One thing he now felt was a sense of power and serenity. Suddenly ...