• Christmas Tree

    Christmas is a time that makes me think about my loved ones who have passed, my grandparents, my mother, my father, my aunts, and my uncle. I think about all the Christmas’ that has gone by. Everything has been stored in my memory and returned to me as if it were just moments ago. My ...
  • Lake Shore

    When searching for my biological family, people asked me, ‘what are you looking for? They wanted to understand what motivated me, but I wasn’t sure.  In the early days of searching, I had wanted to locate my biological family and know who they were. It would be a bonus if I could have a relationship ...
  • Hope Lake Lodge

    Being adopted has given me a feeling of being from two different worlds. I describe it as ‘nature and nurture.’ As I matured into understanding my adoption, I wondered about my traits, mannerisms, and thoughts. I needed to assign ‘nature or nurture’ for each behavior or tendency and ask myself if this comes from biology ...
  • Park Tabernacle

    ‘You look just like your father’, the family doctor would say at every single visit. It would only take seconds before he read something in my chart, making his face turn flush. I’m sure he read the words ADOPTED but between visits he would forget just as I did. When I was a child, I ...
  • Stone Wall Wild Flowers

    When I started the search for my biological roots, I was innocent and naïve. It hadn’t crossed my mind that my family would deny and reject me. I thought the most significant hurdle would be just locating them. I had little information; being adopted was like that. It was the proverbial needle in the haystack.  ...
  • Bald Mountain

    I spent three years with my father when his life declined with dementia. My mother came to that same spot soon after he passed. I spent the next five years caring for her. The time spent caring for both of my parents taught me to love deeply. I learned that love can fill your heart ...
  • Niagara Rainbow

    I had hoped to develop a lifelong relationship with my biological siblings, but it never came to fruition. The most complicated barrier is we don’t have any history. We were raised in different homes with different traditions, social norms, and family expectations. Our lives were vastly different. Sibling bonds are strengthened by sharing a lifetime ...
  • Lifeguard Station

    How strange it is that we can meet someone at the park, work, and school and quickly become friends. Before that moment, this person was a stranger. You realize everything you have in common through communication, time spent together, and a friendship blooms.  Before you know it, you are exchanging birthday gifts, sharing vacations, and ...
  • Special Gift From The Heart

    Shortly after Christmas last year I heard a news story that has been on my mind since. My house was still decorated with all things Santa and Wise Men. We had plates full of Christmas treats that would last us a month. Like every other morning before, I woke up to the news on the TV. ...
  • Lake Time

    My parents loved their country. I don’t mean in a way that they took a political stand or that they were patriotic in any way. What I mean is that my parents loved the land that we call America. They loved to travel and enjoyed sharing their experiences with their children. Something magical would happen ...