• Sadness

    Sadness Fills me like the darkest night Night without moon or stars Sadness Fills me like a black hole Engulfing all light Sadness Crashes over me like waves on the ocean Cresting and pulling me under Sadness Covers me like a shroud of death Pulling me to an uncertain end Sadness A powerful state of ...
  • lonely traveler lost highway

    It was the middle of July. Humidity saturated the hot afternoon air, turning it into a steamy sauna. I had crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, heading south, and stopped for a late lunch at Beachie’s Burger Shack on Highway 13. The place wasn’t crowded. Only two tables were occupied, and she was sitting at one ...
  • 2495

    Most of us are familiar with PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). Many of us relate it to our veterans after a war, but what is not as widely known is that there is another PTSD, non-combat PTSD. Non-combat PTSD happens when someone experiences some type of trauma. “A trauma is a shocking and dangerous event that ...