• Golden Dragon

    Sometimes, he sat upon the cliffs Stared up at the stars a’shine like jewels. When a dragon died, it was said in legends In the Draco constellation, their soul resided. One, in particular, glowed reddish gold He liked to think that one was her. During his first mating run, he met her A golden female ...
  • Fairytale forest setting

    Nothing is what it appears,A fact consecratedIn my mind. I desire to believeIn fairytales andHidden worlds. Be it not for the lessonFollowing each mortal man,In the crushing black of life: Not every heartacheIs meant to be fixedWith a wave of magic wands. Or tucked away into closetsHiding from ghostsAnd monsters buried within. “Life is not ...
  • Musician with Guitar

    There’s something about Elton John.How his music isAn Art that drawsYou in with everyVerse, all penned andCrafted from his mind. From musings to ideasFrom ideas to actionAll an artist’s forte.A singular masterpieceWith passion and heartExpressed in his creation. There’s something about Elton JohnThat brings heart-shattering emotion.Taking me back to better days,Every one spent in yourLoving ...
  • baby feet with daisy

    Anxiously awaited, days slowly passed by. God’s gift of love,flawlessly created. Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay New to this world, a mirror imageof your mom, just as she was to me. Black velvet locks and skin so pink,beautiful little girl. Scent of an angel, so delicate and fresh. Sweet Harmonee, your cryoh music to my ...
  • 996

    Let your thoughts of me  carry you through your day  and rock you to sleep at night. Featured image by Rodnae Productions, courtesy of Pexels
  • An in love couple on a cliff

    You’re the only one who knows my heart better than me. You’re the only one that God knew my heart needed.You’re the one who I know is meant to dwell in my heart and soul and call it your forever home. You’re the only one who mirrors my soul and its spirit perfectly. A seam that ...
  • 623

    Go ahead and fall. If I reach the bottom first, I’ll wait patiently for you.Yes, we indeed keep each other company.Sitting in the dark together is a lot less scary with you right there.We fight, the belly of the beast ever-looming. Still, I fear nothing.Why?Because we’re in this together taking on any beast.You and I together, ...
  • 578

    Rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall… This is the rhythm the chest takes on to breathe. This is the same rhythm you take when you’re in love with someone. Rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall…
  • Hearts

    I want you to strip my dying heart. I want your lips to tease my skin, I want you to show me how much I need you, I want to show you how much I want to undress your clothes from your skin, I want to feel you deep within my core, I want us ...
  • kiss

    The heat from your lips starts to warm my body from within, I arch my back from your gentle touch, The restraints kept me in place, I’m bounded to this bed by your aching love and your gentle touch.