• cartoon

    Kierra never felt so conflicted in her life. “Maybe it is a just coincidence. Emails can be scheduled,” she thought as she held up the necklace. “There is no way it actually worked.” She put it down and reread the email again. TO: Kierra.Bryne@gmail.com FROM: cgreen@greenandassociates.com SUBJECT: Re: Submission DATE: 04-15-2020 Ms. Bryne,Thanks for your ...
  • four leaf clover

    Kierra leaned over the rail of her new yacht as she let her teardrops become part of the ocean. Sorrow and shame shredded her insides as Marco’s words ran through her head on replay. “I am happy you got what you always wanted. I feel you would never feel satisfied though.”  “Oh, ma’am,” her server, ...
  • From Cursive To Curses

    ***Disclaimer: This is a work of Fan Fiction. It is an adaptation of the characters created and owned by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. This story is not associated with Disney’s adaptations, their added characters, or story elements. *** Past Chapters Rafe watched the two brothers from the place on his horse. How was it he ...
  • 1914

    As we all know, American culture has its lucky numbers; Chinese culture does, too. And, in case you’re wondering, no, they are NOT the same numbers. As an American college student, I studied abroad in China last summer. My very first trip overseas brought me to two new cities in a whole new country. The ...