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    My heart weeps silently          for the child                    I once carried My mind paralyzed          with fear of a reoccurrence                    but my body longs                             to be the vessel That carries your          fragile, tiny frame                    supporting you in                             my cracked container You fluttered and          my heart melted                    connecting ...
  • A row of pink heart shaped locks on a wire. The first one says "I love you" in cursive.

    Still a child in mind and body. You made a choice. Unknowing. Is the choice good or bad? Still, you chose life;   Yours was placed on hold, A big responsibility at 15 years old To house a baby in your womb. At 16 years old to birth one.   The face of my life; ...
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    It was plain to hear no conversation could take place without a chaperone   Hushed voices from another adult Stopping sentences half said   Then came, “Please try your call later,” disconnected numbers, no dial tone.   All contact stopped.   Believing now that no happy reunion Filled with tears and so many questions   ...
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    Your thoughts hold memories a time too far for mine to grasp Your heart is so full of wisdom experiences you openly share. Your eyes tell the stories both of joy and sorrow Your skin, a map of your life each line holding a memory buried in your soul. The cruelty of life has overtaken ...
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    Hey you, I want to start out by saying I’m proud of you.  I’m proud of you because you’re constantly changing, growing into something special and that’s wonderful.  You aren’t the same person that you were yesterday, and you are the same person you’re going to be when you finish reading this letter, and that’s ...
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    Dear Mom Who Has It All Together, I see you. I see your well-behaved children. I envy  you. Or at least your trips to the grocery store. You haven’t even broke a sweat immediately upon entering the grocery store. Your kids are sitting still, patiently and lovingly waiting for the grocery trip to be over. ...