• 2046

    Walking in dark, oblivious to truth, a truth I never knew A truth I thought only existed in the deepest of my dreams One which I thought would never enter the bounds of reality One I was destined never to attain   I had accepted what fate shared, never knowing there was more Settled into ...
  • 1790

    Emptiness fills my heart It’s happening again Loving you, being so far apart Where do I fit in? Alone again, I cry Pictures of you So hard, I try What am I to do? There’s nothing left to fight Time has passed us by What’s wrong or right? Living in this lie Moments to never ...
  • 1638

    Born to be a gentle soul a father’s son I be, a mother’s scorn had damaged me, parental alienation the key. Her hatred for my father destroyed the home I knew. She moved me from that home and the father who knew me well. Growing up without the dad whose love was missed a lot. ...
  • 2590

    To the teacher who didn’t care, All I wanted was a chance. A chance to do what I loved. It wasn’t just a hobby to me; it’s what I loved most in the world. By not giving me a chance, you took that away from me. It’s been over 10 years since I quit my ...
  • https://unsplash.com/collections/904583/anger?photo=rAlGkaDAeOo

    This poem is for all those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. I have been thinking of this as of late. There is not a day that goes by I do not miss them, and this is an expression of that pain. For those, I mourn   I am sad today   For those, ...
  • http://gogorach.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-mom-iis-emotional-terrrorist.html

    We’ve all been there, finding ourselves bashing another person for how they look, what they like, how they live or what color socks they have on. Or you’ve been in the position to be judged for whatever reasons someone is choosing to judge you for. The culprit? Ourselves, our neighbors, our Facebook friends, our families ...
  • http://bogleech.com/nature/fly-maggots.jpg

    There are millions of me and we all want to feast at the same rotting flesh that the bacteria in the plasma has opened up for us. I’m hungry and I know I will not live for long if I can’t eat the flesh. Desperate. I try and heave myself farther as I crawl over ...
  • 2179

    Here it comes to without a warning. It does not allow me time to fight it. It slowly consumes my thoughts and I find it hard to do anything. My brain begins to feel the doors closing in. I feel trapped and alone with the worrying. Then I begin to feel anxious and nervous at ...
  • 2057

      This is an open letter to my best friend and sister who passed away this past February 2017. I wanted to write this letter to her and share the many emotions I have felt since her loss. She was someone so special whom I will always carry in my heart. However, since her passing, ...