• A poem about the things anxiety makes us feel

    Opening the computer,just for some fun.Staring at the screen,all the plans are undone. The niggling feelingat the back of my head,that I have work to dopounds at me instead. Robbing me of the joythat I might have had,making me feel likeI am something so bad. So I shut down the machinethat once made me smile,for ...
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    We wear the mask to protect you see, to pretend that we are not what others believe.   We wear the mask to hide behind, sending out the illusion that the world is blind.   We wear the mask to prevent the spread of people seeing inside our heads.   We wear the mask because ...
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    After so long of disbelief, my truth felt like a lie. I spoke with an uncertainty, for belief was hard to come by.   Memory is a faulty thing, relying heavily upon a brain damaged by time.   I stood facing the storm that battered me so long, stood there feeling less than strong. Terror ...