• Other mother

    Are you my other mother?Among the manyHeavensent for fatherTo feel whole again? The fire rages onIn his soul,In spite of hisLonely heart. I am my father’sDaughter, aSpitting imageWithin his pride. Born small and meek,Now strong and brave,Among the savannahPlains of the wild. A concrete jungle,Caged soulsFollowing myFather’s footsteps. A lone lionDesiring love,In a game whereWinner ...
  • Kissing Couple

    Stepbrother Romance fills Amazon’s best-selling lists, leaving many to wonder why and others to binge their guilty pleasures. Today, I’m going to break it down for you. We sometimes see Stepbrother Romances as taboo and borderline incestuous. But the characters have no blood relation. An adopted sibling romance would be more taboo because the love ...