• Girl in Garden

    Read previous issues of Blackout on my author page He was tall and quite skinny. Sarah guessed he was around 12 or 13 years old since he looked like the seventh and eighth graders from her school. His hair was nearly black and hung in straight, shaggy strands around his pale face. It wasn’t until ...
  • 1078

    Read Blackout Part 1 Read Blackout Part 2 Read Blackout Part 3 Read Blackout Part 4 Sarah stared at the screen. She didn’t see any way to type back; the pager only had a couple of buttons in the front and none had letters. It didn’t matter though. Another message flashed across the screen as ...
  • 913

    Read Blackout Part 1 Sarah pulled the paper off the tree. The paper felt odd in her hands, heavier than the sheets of lined loose leaf she used at school. It was also slightly yellowed and the handwriting looked like one of those fancy invitations her parents used to get for weddings. She carefully folded ...
  • herbs

    I looked at the woman and wondered what she would say to that. Would she even agree? There weren’t a lot of other options. I would poison them if I thought it wouldn’t hurt anyone else. The challenge is going to be to make sure that whatever we put in their food doesn’t end up ...
  • manicure

    When it was time for me to get out of the tub, I gingerly climbed out and stood there as Dahlia wrapped a fluffy white towel around my body. From here I was moved over to the next station on the rotation. Apparently, I wasn’t allowed to dress yet, instead my hair needed to be ...
  • spa

     I could fight this, I was sure of it but why? My shoulder was killing me from where the mark bled, and there was nothing to stop them from using that to their advantage. At least from what I could tell. Instead, I could go with them, and only fight when it was necessary. I ...