• From Cursive To Curses

    ***Disclaimer: This is a work of Fan Fiction. It is an adaptation of the characters created and owned by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. This story is not associated with Disney’s adaptations, their added characters, or story elements. *** Past Chapter Jacob followed behind the towering woman as she walked towards the twisted castle. Thankfully, the ...
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    Lincoln County, West Virginia (1948) “I’ve never met a family as remarkable as yours.” Pastor Perry said, as he wrapped his hands securely around a second cup of coffee. He felt as though he was beginning to know the family.  “I never went without. The whole family held onto us kids as tight as they ...
  • Lit Candle on black background

    Born In Light I | Born In Light II | Born In Light III Michael and I sat in the library that evening, going over again the events of the day. I had eventually warmed up to the Dragon idea and stopped freaking out whenever I thought about the man beside me, turning into a giant scaled ...
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    Born In Light I | Born In Light II The creature was massive. I had never seen anything like it. Scales covered its enormous body, glistening gold, and magenta in the sunlight. Rows of different sized horns protruded from its reptilian head, and smoke billowed from its nostrils as it hovered above us. Its wings ...
  • Candle flame set to dark background

    Born In Light I My eyes gazed at the trappings that covered the walls of the Headmaster’s office. Paintings depicting dragons and warriors fighting together purposefully placed, the frames elegant and golden with silver filigree. A plush chocolate-colored couch dominated the wall to the left of the door with one of the paintings overlooking it. ...
  • space console

    Being able to get the thoughts and feelings that were running through my head on paper was exhilarating. The weight that settled on my chest lifted. I could breathe again, if only slightly better. My mind allowed me to sleep peacefully for the first night in a good long while. I never knew how much ...
  • journaling

    Standing here in my room, I wondered what I was going to do next. It was clear that someone on this ship was attempting to take care of me. I would thank whoever it was. I needed to; it was the only thing that made this situation more bearable. Politeness and tolerance would get me ...
  • scandinavian room

    I must have dozed off because when I awoke next, there were things in the room with me. Lying at the foot of the bed was a set of towels and wash rags — all in a beautiful ice blue. On top were soap, shampoo, and various other items, I would need to clean up ...